Best shield for stability?

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User Info: stealth42

6 years ago#1
So far the best I've seen is black knight shield. 62+2/5

Need one with 100% phys resist.
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User Info: cordialWombat

6 years ago#2
what does the stability stat effect anyways?
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User Info: RenRen245

6 years ago#3
The stone great shield as 100% physical and 80% magic and comes whit a whopping 80 stability, but you need 38 str to use it and it weights a massive 20.

User Info: Absurdity

6 years ago#4
Is stability the stat that affects how much endurance is drained per hit? Does anyone know?

User Info: DuneMan

6 years ago#5
Yes, the last defense value is how much stamina damage is absorbed by the shield. Higher numbers mean less stamina lost when blocking.
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User Info: stealth42

6 years ago#6
Cool, I guess that shield is a drop. Anything lighter and maybe between the stone shield and black knight shield?
I'm so broke I can't even pay attention.

User Info: DaemonicTier

6 years ago#7
Ive been Using hollow sheild Since I found it. 100 phys resist and 66 stability, weighs 3.5 had decent other resists as well. Rare drop from any sheild bearing hollows i guess, minde dropped from a spear guy. Best hollow gear ive found yet.
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User Info: Slambo70

6 years ago#8
Havel's Greatshield has 84 stability but you need 50 str to use it.
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User Info: Pervert_Kuhn

6 years ago#9
I'm using the Eagle Shield, which blocks 100% Physical, 55% Magical, 45% Fire, and 75% Lightning, and has 70 Stability. It weighs 6.0.
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User Info: Unknown_PC

6 years ago#10
Yeah, the Eagle heavy shield found in Blight Town (Depth side) is amazing for its 16 STR requirement.
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