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Where do i buy spells?

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User Info: edwin_tait

6 years ago#1
I dont want miracles, im looking for magic spells....where is the vendor i can buy these off of?

User Info: masterchiefAOK

6 years ago#2

User Info: AtmaWeaponX

6 years ago#3
Keep going down stairs from firelink shrine until you find an elevator, take it down and keep navigating your way down stairs until you see someone behind bars. He can sell some basic sorcery spells, and does some basic smithing as well.
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User Info: mucloud

6 years ago#4
^^^^ that wasn't very clear lol ok when you get to the place your supposed to fight the Gargoyles there JUST before the stairs that lead to a knight that is waiting for you TAKE the elevator there should be only one door open out of two.

IF YOU TAKE THE ELEVATOR UP AGAIN WALK FORWARD A BIT SO YOU GET OFF TO THAT LEDGE TO THE RIGHT IS A COVE DOWN THERE WITH 4 CHESTS awesome finds for you if your a wizard or want a tailsman you don't have to spend 4k to get one it's down there.

Take it down

get out

go to the left i believe

there is a dude a NPC check him out he has spells

just beyond him is the first bonfire

there is a NPC sitting down FROM HIM turn to the left

there are stairs take the stairs down

JUST to the left of the bottom stairs i would say about 10feet or so past it

there is a CELL with a woman that doesn't talk REMEMBER where she is cause you get what is called a Fire souls or something like that give that too her to enhance your flasks to give you more HP per use.

From the CELL there are stairs leading down to another elevator if that elevator isn't there PULL the lever just inside that place.

you are about to enter the ghost lv. I forget what it's called search around there are stuff to get 1 Humanity and a couple of curses. YOU NEED these curses to fight the GHOSTS without that curse on you, you cannot fight them.

just as you went out of the elevator and out JUST TO THE RIGHT is a path that leads down JUST A BIT DON'T FALL OFF... there is a dude that you can buy spells from you need 500 for the wand 2k for the souls arrows you get 30 of them and 4k for the heavy souls arrows you get 25 or so of them.

Good luck.
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  3. Where do i buy spells?

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