Warrior of Sunlight confirmation and information on Lightning Spear miracle

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User Info: AndroidCW

6 years ago#1
So I just made it into the Warrior of Sunlight covenant last night and I wanted to share my experience with the boards in case anyone would find the information useful. I started off by dropping my soapstone in the Undead Parish temple courtyard, just outside the blacksmith's area. When I got summoned, I would assist the person who summoned me in killing the gargoyles. Usually the person who summoned me would also summon the gold NPC phantom before the gargoyles as well, which would give me a Sunlight Medal when the boss was defeated. I did this five times, and over the course of all of this I leveled my faith to 25. With faith at 25 and five boss assists recorded, I figured I had satisfied the requirements for the Sunlight covenant (50 base faith minus 25 for the five assists). At this point I attempted to kill the Hellkite Dragon with the glitch found elsewhere on the boards (snipe him from the black knight tower). It didn't work, as many others have reported. Nothing I did could get the dragon to be visible from the tower, so I just made my peace with it and decided I would have to get past the dragon the hard way.

I first tried to engage the dragon in melee and hopefully kill it. That...didn't go so well. After several deaths, I gave up on that. Running really fast to get under the dragon didn't work either. Then I finally had an idea that worked. I shot the dragon from the bridge with my bow, causing him to jump onto the bridge and start his melee routine. At that point I ducked down the stairs a little, not all the way but enough to be out of his fire breath range. Using the camera carefully, I watched until the dragon walked PAST the stairs and onto the other side of the bridge. At this point I went back up the stairs and ran like crazy to get to the other side of the bridge. The dragon was behind me this time instead of in front of me, and I barely made it. I activated the bonfire and walked to the adjacent room with the sun shrine. Praying at the sun shrine, I selected the option to join the covenant, and my hard work was finally rewarded! The Lightning Spear miracle was granted to me instantly, and I was able to attune it with the bonfire in the next room. I also offered up the five sunlight medals I had from doing those five assist runs to get myself halfway to covenant level 2. I only had five because one of the people I helped didn't summon the gold phantom, but I had my own from when I did it myself.

I tested the lightning spear miracle out on the non-aggro red skeletons in the sun shrine room...it did around 250 damage at 25 faith! I went back to the Undead Burg to take down the black knight guarding the ring, and he died in just a couple shots of the spell. Don't bother joining the Warrior of Sunlight covenant with under 20 faith though, because the lightning spear miracle requires at least 20 to attune. It has 10 uses, more than enough to kill any difficult enemy. There's a short animation before it goes off, so you don't want to use it in close combat, but if you've got some distance between you and your target, it's an excellent attack. The animation looks really awesome too, like Zeus throwing a bolt of lightning. I haven't had a chance to go into anyone else's game since I joined the covenant (It was after 2 AM and I had to work in the morning), so I haven't yet tested to see if I am now a gold phantom, but I have to say that the lightning spear just made my Faith build a heck of a lot more effective. I would highly recommend joining this covenant for anyone who wants a good faith build. When I hit covenant level 2 and get access to the greater lightning spear, I will post again and let people know how that works.

To anyone who might have summoned TheClutteredMind to help with the gargoyles last night, I appreciate the summon and I'm really sorry if you were one of the people I tried to help and then got myself killed before getting to the gargoyles. I'm still learning too!

User Info: chumsicle01

6 years ago#2
Fantastic, nice post!

User Info: NashtheLion

6 years ago#3
"I love it when you talk Mexican." - ElegantExecutor
"BETA montages are f@(&!*#* stupid." - DICE

User Info: Ezekial

6 years ago#4
Bah I am 4/5 for the 25 Faith Req... I am doing the dragon in the sewers though. It is pretty damn tough sometimes because people arn't patient, or we can't get the tail off fast enough. I have acquired over 100k in souls I haven't spent yet from killing Kirk OVER and OVER just to fail to the boss, Lv24 and getting a decent summon rate. Prob gonna jump to 35 once I get this last kill... I swear to god if I get summoned to 1 more that that has people not killing the mage....

I hate this fight sooo much.

I think i'll buy that merchant armor set, just because.

User Info: liVeRSuSiI

6 years ago#5
the great lighting spear miracle only does about 100 more damage. Looks the same as the reg. one, except the lighting bolt a bit bigger. Now the Great king lighting bolt... uuhhhmmm.. I cant wait to try that!

User Info: clinttiger

6 years ago#6
whats the king one? its real?

User Info: JDoe2014

6 years ago#7
Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod that's exactly what I want to happen to me GAH reroll

User Info: RenRen245

6 years ago#8
Where do you get the pray action?

User Info: YHWH

6 years ago#9
It's an action prompt to pray at the shrine. No gesture needed.

User Info: RenRen245

6 years ago#10
By shrine you mean that destroyed statue next to the bonfire? i'm not getting any options when i go near that.
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