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Best Mage Armor.

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User Info: OhsillyDutchman

6 years ago#1
Just thought i'd give spellcasters a little heads up. The Monks wrap looking head gear, doesnt actually affect your magic this go around.

The real mage armor is gotten after you've freed Dusk.

Kill the hydra. Quit your game and reload, kill the Yellow Golem. Talk to Dusk, run back to shore and activate her soul sign. Quit and reload again. Run back to where you originally saved her.

You'll find her armor which gives you a combined +30% magic damage.
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User Info: Buraian nyo

Buraian nyo
6 years ago#2
Wow, thanks for that tip!
I never would've figured out all of that!

For those of you who're interested: Dusk also sells some interesting spells like
Chameleon, Camouflage, Cast Light, Repair, and a few others.

Her armor set also includes a unique catalyst from her homeland of Oolacile.
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User Info: NabucodonosorII

6 years ago#3
I'm going for the most beautiful. I'll die anyway...

User Info: Necris_666

6 years ago#4
I think the Hydra drops a good caster ring too, the "Dusk Crown Ring". +50% Magic Charges. but it does lower your health by half..... Just don't let em get close!
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User Info: Iostars

6 years ago#5
What's the name of the armor set? Can you point which one is it in here:

Or perhaps you can post the stats for us? =3
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User Info: Rehabilitant

6 years ago#6
where is this yellow golem and where is dusk? :S

User Info: gengaozo

6 years ago#7
Where is her soul sign supposed to be? Not seeing it anywhere on shore.

User Info: Fenlenus

6 years ago#8
You probably have to quit/come back for her sign to show up after you beat the golem. It's on the right hand side facing the lake right by a rock.

User Info: gengaozo

6 years ago#9
Right, there we go. Had to leave the area first.

User Info: Seihebrewgod

6 years ago#10
I wanna know where Dusk and the Yellow Golem are as well. I've already beaten the hydra and passed through this area a few times afterwards, no Golem.
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