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Easy way to beat Ornstein and Smough?

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User Info: Silver25dx

5 years ago#1
I've been fighting these guys over and over but i can't seem to find a way to easly beat them.

User Info: Silver25dx

5 years ago#2

User Info: Pirateking2000

5 years ago#3
I don't think there really is an easy way to beat them

there is somewhat hard (kill dragonslayer first)

and "**** you" hard (kill executioner first)

I heard you can zerg executioner with lightning weaps though (he is really weak to it apparently)
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User Info: Atrabilious

5 years ago#4

There isn't an easy way.

You just have to sack up and throw yourselves at them.

User Info: annonymous2k6

5 years ago#5
i just beat them, hope this helps you
im a random poster.

User Info: TBiggz

5 years ago#6
annonymous2k6 posted...
i just beat them, hope this helps you

very nice

User Info: Fallen_Rayean

5 years ago#7
Taking a break from these two atm since I'm pretty tired...but holy crap does Smough just piss me the hell off since he's being a dick and not letting me kill him first (I almost killed Orn's 2nd form when I ******* murdered myself with the Lifehunt Scythe the first time around...which I will not be using here out )
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User Info: linkin_guy109

5 years ago#8

i spent around 4 hours before i managed to take down those 2, they are very challenging, id recommend to take down ornstein first, if you take down smough first ornstein becomes ridiculously powerful, you just have to be aware of where they both are at all times, that is one of the key things for the first part of the battle, second part is all patience, knowing when you are the safest to attack and not getting greedy and going for a 2nd / 3rd hit

User Info: IKOL88LOKI

5 years ago#9
Full set Catarina armor, heater shield, dragon pick, dark wood grain ring, havel's ring, upgraded bow, fire arrows. Hard attack ornstein after he charges and you block when smough is not near, heal when orn is blocked by smough after they attack. Roll around like crazy and repeat. After orn is down take out bow with fire arrows. Continue to fire on smough, directing him into broken pillars to stop his attacks, then rolling like crazy to outrun him. Good times.

User Info: IKOL88LOKI

5 years ago#10
Dragon tooth*
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