Complete Pyromancy Thread. Please verify or come learn!

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User Info: andre__w

6 years ago#1
Ive seen a bunch of threads with various questions on pyromancy.

From what I know, you need a pyromancer glove to cast them, which you get from saving the pyromancer in the sewers, after you kill the Capra demon.

Spells do NOT scale with Int, only the melee damage of the equipped glove.

Spells scale with the level of your glove. A +15 glove does more than a +5, for instance. At +15, the pyro trainer in the swamp can upgrade it farther.

I have heard some things about pyromancers not leveling INT much at all. As a pyro, you will likely only invest levels in attunement slots outside of a regular build.

If anything here is incorrect or missing, please say something in the comments so we can have a go-to guide for pyros!

User Info: Atrabilious

6 years ago#2

Pyromancy damage does NOT scale with intelligence. Pyro damage is determined by the level of your pyro glove, and the amount of humanity you have, from what I've read.

The only thing that scales with INT where pyro is concerned is the melee attack of the glove. Which is worthless.

User Info: tehtay

6 years ago#3
so you're telling me since I have this glove I can wreck s*** even as a pure END / STR warrior?
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User Info: Atrabilious

6 years ago#4

Yes. I have the base intelligence, and my chaos fireball spell does 400+ damage per cast. It's magic for the guy who doesn't want to invest in intelligence.

User Info: andre__w

6 years ago#5
Thanks Atrabilious. I am going to edit the above post as people fill in the gaps in the info. That being said, even if a character has a focus on being a pyro, the stats will not reflect that, except for perhaps the spell memory? Is that correct?
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User Info: RenRen245

6 years ago#6
Is firestorm any good? should i save 30k souls for it?

User Info: SardonicSoul

6 years ago#7
So for the pyromancer class: better to just pump souls into VIT and END in the early game?
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User Info: Nexus_Nocturnal

6 years ago#8
I love the whole "attuned with nature" theme that goes with it. Goes well with my Ranger build.
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User Info: Atrabilious

6 years ago#9


I've put three points into attunement to open up some slots. I have Heal/Chaos Fireball atm, though I could change that around for other pyro spells if I so liked.

User Info: BeefyNukes

6 years ago#10
Not quite true:

Indeed Pyromancy is for people who don't want to pump INT,

That being said, spell damage can be RAISED by upgrading your glove.

I upgraded my Pyro hand to +15. Once your glove hits +15 you can go down to the swamp and talk to the pyro trainer (Quelana) to upgrade it to a more powerful form. It's still called "Pyromancer Flame" but the icon is different, the description is different, the +15 is gone, and you can now upgrade the new Quelana Pyro Flame to +5 for between 25,000~40,000 souls per upgrade.

BEFORE I upgraded I tested Great Fireball with the +15 flame and did 642 damage per cast on mosquitos.

After I upgraded to the Quelana flame I did 652 per cast on mosquitos.

Unfortunately, I didn't test going from +1~+15. So I only know that going from the regular flame to the quelana flame does boost damage. My quelana flame isn't upgraded yet, but I'll test that tomorrow.
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