Is the Elite Knight armor set worth upgrading?

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  3. Is the Elite Knight armor set worth upgrading?

User Info: BrutalB2

6 years ago#1
I realize there's another topic on this, but I figured I'd make my own anyway since this board moves so fast.

So, is it worth it? I just rang the first bell, and I don't want to upgrade it and then suddenly find another superior armor set after I already invest in the Elite Knight armor (I'm a pure Physical character right now, so I'm focusing on Str, End, and Vit FYI).
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User Info: Raganork

6 years ago#2
I made it halfway through the game without upgrading any armor. So I'd actually recommend not upgrading any armor until late in the game.
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User Info: beezysheezy

6 years ago#3
You'll find better. I just beat the boss at Anor Londo and I haven't upgraded any armours yet.

User Info: zeik56

6 years ago#4
It's actually pretty cheap to upgrade armor a few levels.

Anyway, that's the armor I've been using and it's been working out. It's got a pretty good balance between defense and weight (I can still roll pretty well with the havel ring equipped). I've found stronger armor, but most are two heavy to stay under 50%.

I also just really like the armor, so I'll probably end up keeping it even if I do find something better.
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User Info: Raganork

6 years ago#5
If you get Havel's Ring, you can equip almost any heavy armor set.
So why isn't MW3 getting a beta?
Because Black Ops was the beta.

User Info: Sautang

6 years ago#6
I have the set up to +9 and use it regularly.

40 end (78-ish equip burden) - elite knight is about 28 weight, silver knight shield is 5, and weapon is 3~4 depending on what I use. Add in 0.5 for bow and 0.5 for talisman, and the total equip burden comes in right under 50% by about 0.3 points. That allows me to forego havel ring and go silver+gold, or rusted+gold if I'm trudging around in muck.

User Info: RavenMkV

6 years ago#7
I farmed the Knights in the Church in Undead Parish/Burg whatever. Got all the pieces of the "Balder" armor. Looks the same as theirs, just the cloak is cut off right at the shoulder line instead of being a sort of half cape.

User Info: Tailsoffoulaim1

6 years ago#8
Those guys drop an armour set?? How long did it take you to farm them?

User Info: taspoke

6 years ago#9
I recommend upgrading all armor that use regular shards up to +4, I dont recommend using the entire elite knight armor tho, if you have the black leather armor I would use the Elite Knight top and helm (unless you have the boar helm) and the black leather boots and gloves, they have the same armor and are like 1/5 the weight.
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User Info: tancients

6 years ago#10
That makes me wonder if there's an optimal under 50% weight combo at 40 end without ring that provides the best poise after being fully upgraded....

Most of the ones that are nice out of the box also don't have upgrade options.
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  3. Is the Elite Knight armor set worth upgrading?

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