Best weapons for DEX build?

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User Info: Chico_L

6 years ago#1

Ive been using the Quelaag sword and its panning out real nice but i was wondering if there are any better weapons for DEX users.

User Info: kloud 11

kloud 11
6 years ago#2
katanas are pretty good, daggers are great is you go for backstab, i found a painting sword that has A scaling for dex

User Info: TBSMookfisher

6 years ago#3
Yeah I'm currently doing testing for the Painting Guardian Sword, which to my knowledge is the only sword in the game with an A for dex scaling. Have it at +10 right now, when I get home later tonight I'll get it to +14 (which is what my Laito is at atm) and test their damage output/usefulness. I think against big bosses that you can get a bunch of hits in on the painting guardian sword + great magic weapon is really going to be the way to go. We'll see though.
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User Info: Chico_L

6 years ago#4

where do i get laito?

User Info: JinKisaragi211

6 years ago#5
Find Iaito in Blighttown in the area with the 2nd Bonfire. You gotta jump across a gap to reach it.
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User Info: TheTrueSeto

6 years ago#6
Iaito might be slightly outclassed by Uchigatana but its awesome looking moveset makes up for it.
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User Info: LunarApostle

6 years ago#7
Stay classy: use a rapier.
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User Info: Xenogrand

6 years ago#8
i really like the r2 of named rapiers, anyone try those and plus them to 5?

User Info: Rafahil19

6 years ago#9
What painting sword?
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User Info: redialed

6 years ago#10
Ya what painting sword and what's the base dmg? Want a scaling!
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