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Blighttown, seriously?

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User Info: mercyfuljim

5 years ago#1
Seriously, what's up with this place? The framerate is ****, buggy mosquitos that harrasses you and **** up your target ons. Not to mention that you get poisoned ALL the flippin time. I'm wearing the antiquated set and the spider shield and yet I'm getting the damned toxic sign up in no time.. Blighttown sucks. I don't even wanna play this area..

User Info: Omnipot3nt

5 years ago#2
If you have masterkey you can skip most of it.

User Info: Pffrbt

5 years ago#3

Omnipot3nt posted...
If you have masterkey you can skip most of it.


User Info: nore105

5 years ago#4

Blighttown is a major pain in the rear. And the framerate does suck. More reasons why this deserves a 9.0 just like Demon Souls. Plus you can barely play with friends.

User Info: Dranoon

5 years ago#5
Blah Blah Blighttown Blah Blah Grumble Grumble.

That area is not as bad as YOU or ANYONE ELSE has made it out to be. Go in with poison cures, tread slowly. THAT IS ALL...

As for the framerate yes it's bad, it's really not that bad though. Game ruining? HARDLY, And this is from a guy who can't stand playing PC games at any less than 50-55...
XBL =Dranoon

User Info: Slyk90

5 years ago#6
Yea come to the tomb of the giants, blighttown is a joke in comparison, except for the framerate thing, NO clue what they were thinking letting that slide. Obivous it was a rush job.
/\/ / /\/_/ /\ G A I D E N

User Info: Omnipot3nt

5 years ago#7
In firelink shrine, go down to where the fire keeper is, then go down even farther, you'll end up in new londo ruins, go down the stairs, take a right, and you'll find an elevator that takes you to valley of the drakes, right across the bridge is blighttown, you go down some ladders than a spinning elevator, and you're near the boss and a bonfire.

User Info: Shinya

5 years ago#8
Head back to the Undead Asylum where you started.

Look up how to use the crow to go back if you don't already know how. Grab the key on top of the structure near the crows nest to pick up a key, use the key in the asylum to net you the Rusted Iron Ring. It will make your time in Blighttown a little less painful since the swamp will not slow your movement.
Be Attitude for Gains.
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User Info: jediblaster

5 years ago#9
I actually enjoy Blight town. Not as bad as Valley of defilement in any way. Imagine if those blow dart guys re-spawned then. Man, people having a hard go of it would probably have quit right there.

User Info: Pffrbt

5 years ago#10

Dranoon posted...
That area is not as bad as YOU or ANYONE ELSE has made it out to be.

It is in their opinion, so get over yourself and stop typing in all caps.

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