Where did Laurentius (pyromancer) go?

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  3. Where did Laurentius (pyromancer) go?

User Info: Ozymandssss

5 years ago#1
He asked me to tell him about the witch in the swamps of blighttown so i said yes. He left to go meet her and now i cant find him in either firelink or blighttown. Anyone know where he might be?

User Info: kuzan_21

5 years ago#2
Tell him about the swamp and he goes there and becomes a hollow. He attacks you on sight down there.

User Info: lee__d

5 years ago#3
the witch down there can upgrade your stuff

User Info: RenRen245

5 years ago#4
He's directly infront of the bonfire in blighttown, kill him to earn yourself nothing.
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  3. Where did Laurentius (pyromancer) go?

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