Where can I get a broken sword hilt?

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User Info: pauIie

6 years ago#1
Sold all of mine, but now I want to make the Sif weapon. The wiki I'm reading says sword hollows. Been killing a bunch of them in Undead Burg but I keep getting armor. Am i just unlucky or am I in the wrong place?

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User Info: strideur

6 years ago#2
Kill the zombie guys down the lift from Firelink, at the beginning of New Londo Ruins.

User Info: RobRoy316

6 years ago#3
Yeah those hollows that look and sound like zombies and basically flail their sword endlessly while wearing diapers, they drop them. Try increasing your humanity if you really want it to drop
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User Info: Joolsy

6 years ago#4
They do drop from the Zombie(with Sword) and Infested Ghoul(with Sword) in Undead Burg, it's just a matter of RNG and your Item Discovery Level.

Eventually one will drop.
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User Info: Joolsy

6 years ago#5
Another good place to get them is the upper floor of the Undead Parish Cathedral.
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User Info: XDevilbunny

6 years ago#6
You can make it with a broken straight sword instead of a straight sword hilt.
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  3. Where can I get a broken sword hilt?

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