How the hell do you backstab?

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User Info: S_Paulik

6 years ago#1
Every time I sneak up on something and press attack it just does a normal attack, it is starting to annoy the s outta me.
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User Info: dorsman84

6 years ago#2
you cant back stab everything but what ive noticed is in this game you amost have to circle a little past the point of being flush with their back THEN hit attack. each enemy is different but once you know the sweet spot it becomes second nature. i backstabbed constantly in sens fortress and other places
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User Info: Linkinpark03

6 years ago#3
Get behind enemy, shield down, HOLD r1
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User Info: Ezekial

6 years ago#4
I have also noticed that they can't have que'd another action against you yet. It's easy to backstab when they fully miss you, but when you block a hit you'll not have time to backstab.

User Info: S_Paulik

6 years ago#5
Hmm guess practice makes perfect. I am at the undead Paris right now where the caster is + the 3 rapier skeletons. Back stab would be nice right about now haha. Thanks guys!
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User Info: mmSNAKE

6 years ago#6
Wait for them to attack, circle around and sodomize them.
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User Info: Cheesypoof

6 years ago#7
Forgetting to lower the shield is what got me most of the time. I'm pretty confident I'll get a backstab when I make sure to lower my shield.
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User Info: custerke

6 years ago#8

Just make sure that you're exactly behind the enemy and that you do NOT have your shield up. That's what I was doing wrong in the beginning, I kept my shield up but it doesn't work that way.

It's super easy when you get the hang of it, I'm doing nothing but backstabs right now.

User Info: S_Paulik

6 years ago#9
Do you have to be like right on them? The Rapier Skeletons seems to turn around no matter how slow I walk up to them.
PSN: Otsegus
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User Info: lee__d

6 years ago#10
also, i found that i have to have the left stick in the neutral position. if im pushing in a direction, i cant backstab
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  3. How the hell do you backstab?

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