Best light armor. Best Medium armor.

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User Info: Gaies

5 years ago#21
I'm wearing the Black Iron Helm, Black Iron Gloves, Elite Knight's Chest +7, Crimson Legs (or skirt? I forget.) Havel's Ring, Dark Grain Ring, Crest Shield and Black Knight Sword +3.

The Crimson Legs seem to be better imo than the Elite Knight armor even upgraded to + 4.
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User Info: crimsonslayer2

5 years ago#22
uuugh why does a dress have to have the highest stats lol

User Info: ChickenChaser

5 years ago#23
Black leather legs are pretty sweet from a defense-weight ratio for light armor ... Gold hemmed and Antiquated are superior, but if you don't want to run around in a dress ... black leather is a good option.

User Info: SaintTweeter

5 years ago#24
crimsonslayer2 posted...
And on the wiki i dont see anything about a Royal helm.
And nothing about Hard leather greaves... do you mean Hard leather gauntlets?

Put Vamos out of his misery for Royal Helm.
Its Geese as in "Geese Howard", the SNK boss! From back when SNK was still around and made decent games!
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User Info: WiseTyefighter

5 years ago#25
Remember that high resistances are useless if you have low poise. You just get stunlocked and crushed.

User Info: crimsonslayer2

5 years ago#26
Ok, now none of the searches bring up anything about a Vamos on gamefaqs or wiki XD lol

User Info: il_capitano

5 years ago#27
He's the blacksmith in the Catacombs....

User Info: Coolorado

5 years ago#28
theres a blacksmith in the catacombs?!
oh sheesh yall...twas a dream
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