Ultimate souls cheat! (Dragon Head Stone cheat not based on your endurance)

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User Info: UberZetta

5 years ago#1
Alright, you've all probably heard of the cheat where you use the Dragon Head Stone and switch items to a soul increasing item and turn to face the camera and hold down square, right? This typically only uses the item until you run out of Endurance, but I have found a way to make it keep going indefinitely (or at least until you let go of the square button). Here's what I did:

I wen't down to Ash Lake so I could enter the Dragon Covenant. Well, I don't have the ability to warp out yet, so I had to walk my happy a** back out. On the way out I got cursed, so when I finally got back to the bonfire at Undead Burg (the Firelink Shrine is currently out of service because Knight Lautrec killed the firekeeper), I removed a soul increasing item from my bottomless box (Soul of a Hero to be precise) and used the cheat so I could buy the item needed to uncurse me and so I could buy a s*** load of arrows. I messed up the first attempt, so my head turned into a dragon but I didn't get any souls. On my second attempt (I'm not sure if it's because I am cursed, because my head was already transformed, because I'm at Undead Burg, because the Firelink Shrine is out, or what) it worked, but my Endurance never started to go down. As it stands right now it's been going for 20 minutes and hasn't stopped. I put a rubber band around the controller to hold down the square button while I typed this up. Someone else get cursed by a Basilisk and try this out so I know if it's my game or if it works for everybody!

If you want to know what equipment I have equipped, once I see how long this goes on I'll write a list of my current equipment.

User Info: Celda

5 years ago#2
LOL...just wear grass crest shield and the dragon head glitch works forever.
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User Info: exodus18

5 years ago#3
...is this a serious thread?

User Info: Lain_Coulbert

5 years ago#4
Welcome to 4 seconds after the glitch was discovered.
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User Info: oblivious2life

5 years ago#5
Or you can just equip the stamina regen ring that you get on your way to ash lake.
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  3. Ultimate souls cheat! (Dragon Head Stone cheat not based on your endurance)

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