Want to make sure I don't screw this up (forest hunter covenant)

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User Info: rasputin177

5 years ago#1

So, I am almost through The Depths and I really, really, really want The Dark Wood Grain Ring. It seems like it can be easily botched though. This is my basic understanding of what I have to do along with a few specific questions. I want this ring tonight! So any help is greatly appreciated.

1. Steo one go to Blightown and find the area where Shiva and his Ninja will be. Make sure I can kill the foes.

2. Collect 30,000 souls and join Forest Hunter Covenant. Shiva will appear and after I talk to him I will head to Blightown through the back entrance from The Valley of Drakes.

3. Reach Blighttown and buy Ugi, and Washing Pole.

4. Get behind the invisible ninja and start hacking away. I am level 50 with Drake Sword will I be able to kill him before he kills me? Any tips? Do I need the ring from Undead Asylum so I can run in the poison?

5. If I kill him I should have the ring and also be able to go back to farming the Woods. I can go back to farming right? It makes the game so much more fun being able to actually buy spells and gear before NG+.

6. What happens if I fail to kill the ninja? Will I be able to come back and try again? If I kill him I figure I should have the ring and all will be back to normal. Only negative is I will not recieve THe Fog Ring.

So, to re-cap should I be able to kill the Ninja in Blighttown? Any tips? What happens if I fai? Thanks again.

User Info: ivory3333

5 years ago#2
yes, you can buy the stuff from him and than kill them. if you clear the area for monster and come back later, if you used the fireshrine, than the monster will comes again. so don't about that. here is a easy way to kill them if you don't want to fight them. go back to asylum area from crow nest, and get the rusty iron ring ( you don't need to fight the boss for that, but you will need the key on the roof top in firelink shrine to open the door). this ring will let run in water with normal speed. now after getting all you want. attack the ninga guy behind this will make both of them hostile, attack as much, once they run after you start running around the poison water (with rusty iron ring equipped) run in circle. and you will notice along with sheva, monster will be running also behind you. just run in a big circle, sheva and ninja guy will die of poisoning from the water, you don't even have to lift a finger for that.

in case if you die, than i think they both will be at forest where you first met sheva. you can kill them here, but you won't be able to buy stuff from sheva there.

you can still receive the fog ring, just absolve the sin and join the covenant. or use the skull lantern and trade it with the crow to get that ring, since you wont be needing it after you finished tomb of the giants.

yes you can go back to farming soul, thats what you meant right?, after killing them
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User Info: Suhn-Sol-Jashin

5 years ago#3
If you kill one of the invisible guys in the Forest, when you're a part of the covenant, he drops the Dark Grain Wood Ring which allows you to cartwheel.

User Info: rasputin177

5 years ago#4

Thanks I think I will look into getting the ring clearing out the foes and doing the run around thing. Has anyone tired to go toe to toe with the ninja? I am soul level 50.

@ the post right above this I am almost positive it has to be the ninja.

User Info: rasputin177

5 years ago#5

Sorry this board moves faster then any other. Anyone give me an idea how hard he is for a SL melee-pyro build using Drake Sword, Grass Crest Shield and a mix of Eastern and Pyro armor? I am just worried about dying and not being able to get my ring. I want to be a ninja-pyromancer.

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