Giant rat in The Depths

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User Info: Kurumiee

5 years ago#1
I'm at the top platform and I'm wondering if that thing is dangerous? What are your experiences with that 'beast'?

User Info: dan9khoa

5 years ago#2
idk. I just stand up there and kill it with arrows XD. I didn't dare to get up close and personal with it lol
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User Info: Mezameru

5 years ago#3
You can cheese it with arrows if you're worried, but I found it fairly easy.
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User Info: premier024

5 years ago#4
Not dangerous at all if you have some ranged attacks
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User Info: The_Av8r

5 years ago#5
That thing has a friggin' axe in it's eye and bones laying all around it. What do you think!?!? Haha, take it out using ranged attacks if possible.

User Info: ninjafoxzero

5 years ago#6
Kill it with fire.

Or better yet.

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User Info: Patrickmahan

5 years ago#7
Haha, get it? Cheese?

User Info: tmrw_nt_tdy

5 years ago#8
yeah, with arrows it takes some time but yeah cheesy. if you wanna just melee it do your plunging attack and just melee it. it's just a rat, not as bad as it looks with that huge frame it has.
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User Info: jezston

5 years ago#9
Avoid it's charges and it's actually fairly easy. Get hit by one of it's charges however, and it's curtains.

User Info: Kurumiee

5 years ago#10
premier024 posted...
Not dangerous at all if you have some ranged attacks

How about melee with a full Solaire set and a Gargoye axe two-handed?
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