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    Q5) What are the requirements for summoning players to my aid?

    A) Requirements for summoning players are as follows:

    1. You must be in revived (human) form.

    2. The boss of the area you intend to summon other players to must not have yet been killed.

    3. Where other players have laid down their White Sign Soapstone, you will see white symbols on the ground. On the PS3 network there tends to be a lot more summon traffic near bonfires or in front of boss areas, I don't know if this convention is followed on the 360. You can use these symbols to summon players into your game, follow the prompts.

    Q6) Why am I not seeing summon signs? Why am I not getting summoned? I've waited 'X' minutes/hours/days/weeks?

    A) As of patch 1.03 and prior, summoning operates on the basis of a +/- 10 + 10% of your current level that determines whom you can play with. Typically, if you are level 700+ then you are not going to be playing with your friend who just started the game at level 2. Invading on the other hand has no upper limit restriction, a level for instance 50 can invade anyone above level 50, keep this in mind.

    The most important things to consider with summoning / being summoned are:

    1. You are within an appropriate level range for the area you are trying to summon others in / trying to be summoned in.

    As such, complaining that you aren't being summoned when you're level 402 at the Undead Burg in NG+ is an exercise in asininity.

    2. You are waiting in / laying your summon signs down in high-traffic areas.

    High-traffic areas are usually wherever a bonfire is found (bonfires that permit the laying of summon signs, that is, e.g. Anor Londo's third bonfire) or alternatively, outside the entrances to boss fights. Now, it is of course possible to find summon signs / be summoned after having laid your sign down elsewhere, but these will likely produce less frequency in summoning / being summoned.

    Note: Players within the same Covenants are drawn closer together on the network, as such you are more likely to see their summon signs than those in different Covenants or alternatively those without any Covenant allegiance.

    Q7) Why do people stop leveling at 'X' level?

    A) Mainly to stay within the populated co-op level ranges, or alternatively for the sake of min-maxing PvP characters, which entails having them optimised by a certain level that still permits distinction between builds. Basically, the higher you go, the similar every character becomes (with people eventually having 99 in everything), the PvP community does not entertain this prospect. On the PS3 network the most popular level ranges are between about 20 and 150, where you personally choose to stop depends on what you're looking to do.

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