Dark Souls Greatsword PvP Video

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User Info: Jamazed

5 years ago#1
Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3EXrOeq6bQ
Non-Music for US only: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URPdAOwroRA

Just finished this after two days of being out with a cold. Soul Level 104 Darkwraith, no TWoP, no Pyro, just the ability to I-win button with R1, haha - just for the first 60 seconds though, rest of the fights are hard fought! Hope you guys enjoy, not an extraordinary display of skill, but it's decent video editing. I had matched the video painstakingly to the music, so if you don't mind using a proxy server, the original is much more enjoyable. Youtube in America likes to block popular music sadly.

User Info: Aggronite

5 years ago#2
I thought you fought pretty well! Awesome vid! Loved when you killed the TWoP phantom at the end.

User Info: Kenji Murasame

Kenji Murasame
5 years ago#3
Dammit, my country is still blocked by WMG..

So how is the Greatsword?.

User Info: Sn1per666

5 years ago#4
Mind telling your stats?
PSN: Sn1per666999/Depraved_demon

User Info: venn2001ad

5 years ago#5
Wow, nice vid.

Is Greatsword good? I tried Zwei & personally loved the move set, but I wonder if stab of GS is better...
Silence is gold.

User Info: Jamazed

5 years ago#6
Ah, my build is highly confidential, and I choose not to disclose it.

Oh wait, that's right, you can pause the video when I switch weapons! ARG! It's a fun build that sacrifices pure VIT/END for pretty good damage and utility. All of the more overpowering mechanic and builds are getting nerfed come around next patch (and medium shields) so I was trying to get an honest build that would be good for 1.05.

User Info: Jamazed

5 years ago#7
The movesets of all Ultra-Greatswords are exactly the same except for neutral R2 which is very risky for all of them. I only use it in hallways or if I knock the person down because I have time to recover, and if I leave lock-on off, I may get lucky hitting them when they roll left or right. The Greatsword also weighs more, so I'm assuming it eats up a little bit more poise off your opponent, but in all honesty, it's nearly identical to the Zwei - I just use it because I like to be original and have people remember who hunted them down!

User Info: WiseTyefighter

5 years ago#8
lol those R1 spam clips were embarrassing for the other guys.
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User Info: Jamazed

5 years ago#9
One and only bump for the morning folks since I posted at 12 am.

User Info: 0Kazekami0

5 years ago#10
So crystal magic weapon boosted the block on the claymore?

I liked the vid, looks like you should go slab hunting haha XD
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PSN: Busta_H****69
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