All about Gravelording (SPOILERS)

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User Info: Oh_Quelaag

6 years ago#1
Gravelording is unadulterated Survival Mode PvP. If you don't like dying, waiting or fighting off constantly invading phantoms, this covenant isn't for you.

The Gravelord Servant Covenant
Join by taking a run down to the Catacombs and making your way to the room with the Titanite Demon. Just before him on the left is a coffin that will give you the "Nestle in coffin" command with X. You need to stay in there for a while and also have at least 1 Eye of Death in your inventory (there are three behind the Titanite Demon). You will be taken to Nito's chamber where you join the covenant.

To Gravelord effectively, the boss in your world for that area of the game needs to be alive and you need to be in human form. You need to be invadable. Your victims' bosses need not be alive as they invade you via your sign and they can be either Hollowed or in human form. You can use the eye if the boss is dead, but no curses will be deployed and you won't be invaded in that area. Ever.

Level Ranges
The level ranges of Spirits of Vengeance appears to be the same as co-op with your level as the upper limit: your level - 10% - 10. For example, an SL 100 Gravelord Servant can curse people between SL 80 and SL 100 and an SL 200 Servant between SL 170 and SL 200. Darkwraith ranges are as usual.

Covenant Item
Eye of Death - Farmed from Basilisks in the Depths or in the Great Hollow.
Fun Fact: The Eyes of Death are actually the "eye" appendages on top of the Basilisks' heads and generate the curse mist that the Basilisk spits. Gravelords channel the power in these eyes to other worlds to spread their own brand of curse, collecting the eyes of their cursed victims to continue the cycle.

The Basilisks' real eyes are two white dots just above their mouths (see for yourself by equipping Ring of Fog and Slumbering Dragonquest Ring and use binoculars or bow with additional zoom from Hawk Ring on any idling Basilisk. Cute aren't they?).

Use an Eye of Death to curse the worlds of three players in the same area as you. Cursing worlds is an outcome, not the objective of Gravelording. The objective is to lure those phantoms to your world so that you can fight them and harvest their eyes along with the constantly incoming Darkwraiths.

Think of the blue phantoms as the "powerup dropping" enemies and the Darkwraiths as the standard footsoldiers. Really really varied and powerful footsoldiers...

While an eye is active, you cannot summon phantoms to help you and your invasion timer is automatically reset after the defeat of an invader so this ensures a constant stream of people that want to kill your cursing ass.

The game area you Gravelord is important since areas that have few "large" enemies will yield worlds that only have a few black phantom enemies. To this end, Gravelording areas like Undead Burg, Anor Londo and the Depths is completely pointless as there is no incentive to seek out the Gravelord. You want to make it so that their game is so hard that they feel they first need to kill the Gravelord Servant before they can continue. Mean huh?

Tomb of the Giants, Duke's Archives, New Londo Ruins and Darkroot Garden are prime spots to spread some misery (and increase enemies that drop good items like Channeler Tridents and Murakumos. Everybody wins. Sort of).

User Info: Oh_Quelaag

6 years ago#2
Your sign will appear in the worlds of the cursed as a larger than normal white sign with a black smoke effect. when touched, the victim will invade your world as a Spirit of Vengeance. The sign moves around with the Gravelord Servant so it's recommended that you keep near to bonfires and keep in open areas where it will be clearly visible. Be patient. It takes a while for the curses to drop sometimes but once they're active the invasions will begin (anything between 1 and 3 minutes. You can also be invaded between curse placements). You can actually watch your curses being spread using the white soapstone. If it becomes unusable in your usable item slot and you don't get invaded it means a curse is being placed. Once it's done this three times, you know it's on.

You can be Gravelorded while you Gravelord so you can curse while you curse. The sign will just be extra hard to find since it disappears when you get invaded, dawg.

Side note: Having some space to move around is recommended as having 3 invaders on you can get crowded (this is actually the ideal time to use the Gravelord Sword Dance or Greatsword Dance miracle, just be wary of the cast time). The miracles Gravelord Sword Dance and Gravelord Greatsword Dance are exclusive to members of this covenant and have no Faith and or Intelligence requirement so INT builds can get some use out of them using Velka's Talisman.

It seems that there are 3 invasion slots that open when you're Gravelording: 1 for a Darkwraith and 2 for Spirits of Vengeance (either from Darkmoons or invasions via the sign or both) - this needs confirmation as I have only ever seen this scheme of invasions. Never had more than 1 Red and 2 Blues invade at the same time and never 2 Reds.

Side note: I've had some problems when using the Dried Finger while Gravelording. If it gets used with an Eye of Death active then I sometimes get a few failed invasions and then a period of silence before it starts up again.

Cancelling the Effect
The Gravelording effect will be cancelled if you:

- warp from a bonfire.
- use a homeward bone or the Homeward miracle
- die
- exit the game or sign out of PSN

It will not be cancelled if you rest at a bonfire or move to another area by foot.

These are observations and experiences from many hours of Gravelording along with info from other sources. There are a number of ways to interpret this covenant but this is the one that makes the most sense to me. Please post more along with any factual corrections.

Proliferate dat bane.

User Info: Samurai-JM

6 years ago#3
TL;DR, Gravelording is the ULTIMATE method of hosting PvP in any area of your choice. :)
GT: OMNISniper
Dark souls is similar to Skyrim in the way that Ninja Gaiden is similar to Naruto.

User Info: meralonne

6 years ago#4
Here's a thought: because the Master Key is now available to any and all players, the Gaping Dragon does not need to be defeated by anyone. Ever. Take advantage of this and leave it alive while still progressing with your game, and Gravelord the Depths at your leisure.

If you really want to trololol, I suggest picking up the Chameleon spell from Dusk and having it ready to go, considering all the dark corners and crates scattered all over the place.
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User Info: QuelaagFan

6 years ago#5
Really informative thanks

User Info: EternalKabangu

6 years ago#6
After 5 playthroughs, I only got gravelorded once and saw Black Phantoms for about 5 seconds.

This is a shame, From. I miss PBWT.

User Info: moodyjm2

6 years ago#7
Good info but Gravelording blows. I was one for 150 hrs and used over 20 EoDs with a very very low success rate. I have seen countless "...defeat of Gravelord servant..." messages in the total 300 hrs I've put in but have NEVER ONCE seen phantoms.

It's the ultimate disappointment in PvP. Especially when you get invasions ever few minutes with some of the other Covenents.

User Info: milenkov17

6 years ago#8
The only BPs I've seen were skeletons in the Catacombs while helping someone out.
PSN: vaskov17

User Info: Samurai-JM

6 years ago#9
The phantoms that invade you while YOU are the gravelord (blue dark spirits, right?), when you kill them, are you supposed to get eyes of death? Cuz I just killed 2-3 of them and got nothing.
GT: OMNISniper
Dark souls is similar to Skyrim in the way that Ninja Gaiden is similar to Naruto.

User Info: Drago77

6 years ago#10
I am still confused over what gravelording does exactly, I've seen numerous "disasters are gone" messages but I didn't notice any difference in my world prior to those. Also, haven't seen any invasion signs as far as I remember.
^That's you.
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