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Painting Guardian Sword

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User Info: MCC1701

5 years ago#1
I am thinking of making a faith build, and already decided to make a divine/occult great scythe, but since I want both trophies I plan on making a second weapon as well. Several weapons, especially ones with bleed like bandit's knife, flamberge, morning star, etc look appealing, but the Painting Guardian Sword looks to be fun. The range is meh, but the swing style is unique, has a bleed, and when occult it has an A rating in faith.

So what do you think?
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User Info: exclusiveburner

5 years ago#2
I have a bleed build where my painting guardian sword is often used, usually switching with my shotel depending on the enemies gear. I think it's very effective, I've used it alot and have never once been parried with it. It's beastly, just make sure you have decent poise if possible.

I've made a lot of people bleed with it, and defeated a lot of high level players with it on my sl 90 build so yea....go for it.

User Info: MCC1701

5 years ago#3
Cool. While not as fast as the bandit's knife, it hits a bit harder which is nice, plus the swing set is just lovely. The damage between a occult PGS and a diving PGS are the same, so I guess I just need to decide if I want a divine Great Scythe or an Occult Great Scythe...
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User Info: cowdisciple

5 years ago#4
If I were to use a Painting Guardian Sword with a faith build, I'd make it a normal +15 and enchant it. It's fast, which is good for the static sunlight/darkmoon blade buff.

User Info: aak57

5 years ago#5
Well, its only real purpose is the flashiness as it's pretty much outclassed by some other weapon in every way. So if you like how it looks and don't care about using the best stuff, then go for it.

I'd say make your Great Scythe into occult, though, to keep up with a grim reaper kind of thing, and make the PGS divine since it's an anor londo weapon.
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User Info: The_Shader

5 years ago#6
the Painting Guardian Sword gets an S in Dexterity now i think.... and thats pretty damn good. Of course, i think you'd loose this if you switched it to magic or something.

Its the only curved sword despite the Jagged Ghost blade that can cause bleeding, and its decently fast....

tough decision for me, i'd leave it as it is because of that S rank in Dexterity, if it turns out that it DOESNT have that since the update, i'd make it Occult. Occult usually turns out way better then Divine.
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User Info: MCC1701

5 years ago#7
It has only an A rating, and while I agree with you that to an extent it would be smart to keep normal and enchant it, I overall am not a fan of relying on enchants, my dex is only going to be at 20, and half of the reason I am doing this is for the trophies...
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