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Dragonoid Form/Pyroish Build

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User Info: ninji_

5 years ago#1
Starting Class: Pyromancer Level 105 [Level 90 at 25 endurance]
Vitality: 70
Atunement: 23
Endurance: 40
Strength: Base
Dexterity: Base
Intelligence: 14
Faith: Base

[recommended that you go for level 90 leaving Endurance at 25.]

Right hand1: Unarmed
Right hand2: Pyrohand upgraded

Left hand1: Dark Hand
Left hand2: Sorcerers Catalyst

Wolf Ring
Ring of Favor

Estus /humanity
dragon torso
Dragon head
Lloyds Talisman

Grand combustion
Great Chaos Fireball or Chaos Storm [I prefer GCF]
Toxic Mist
Poison Mist

The dragon torso does all of the damage needed. I have no problem taking down most things though damage stays around 200-400ish 400+ on First playthrough undead. The toxic Mist, and poison Mist end up looking like they come from your mouth as a dragon and arent that bad when used in tight areas. The Great chaos fireball helps deter people a little. I've used it in narrow pathways and ended up wrecking alot of people and keeping them at a distance

Keep in mind you will NOT be doing a ton of damage and in pvp/pve your success will depend upon your skill and willingness to learn and brush off any losses you may endure. Personally I can win fights against people using the typical cookie cutter DMB Fathers mask Giant armor user. The most important thing is to get yourself up to +3 in the dragon cov, because your damage with the dragon-head DOES increase. Your defense mostly will come from humanity you have in stock. So trying to maintain a constant 99 wont be too bad.

Honestly however, I wouldn't mind ideas without removing from the build as is. There are 15 more points to spend. Open to opinions.

User Info: bluefunky

5 years ago#2

Sounds like massively hard work.  I have the dragon torso and although I love it I'm on a hiding to nothing with it on.

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