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User Info: NashtheLion

5 years ago#41
Purplecarrot posted...
Ok, so I just picked up this game and I really am liking it so far but I have a few questions.

1.Is this game basically supposed to be a hardcore dungeon crawler because that is the vibe I'm getting from it.

It's a very large, interconnected world that has dungeons and small areas to traverse when moving from place to place.

2.When evil players invade your world is it balanced? I don't think it's fair if you're playing and then suddenly you can get killed by somebody 20 levels higher than you.

In most cases, the player will either be between -10 below you or +10. This can change with the introduction of a certain Covenant.

3.Is it possible to have a viable pure melee build? If so what would be a good class suggestion?
Knight or Bandit

4.Are there any armor restrictions for certain classes, will wearing heavy plate armor as a bandit for instance put me at a disadvantage?

Yes and no. Heavier armor has significantly higher defense bonuses and poise(stability). If you wear more than half of your weight in Endurace, you'll be a slower dodger.

5.If I am invaded by an evil player, is there a way I can escape without having to die or do combat?

The only way to 'escape' is to get to the boss fog door. The player will return home.

6.What other games might I like if I like this game?
Demons Souls. Seriously, I can't offer any other recommendations. They're in a league of their own.

7.Think we may see a sequel or spiritual successor?


No, thank you.
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User Info: DarkD3stiny

5 years ago#42
cool links
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User Info: Tensionheader

5 years ago#43
Great thread, thanks!

User Info: pennydemon

5 years ago#44
Epicnamebro's channel is an invaluable source of Dark Souls tips, lore, and trivia.

I'm afraid, Dave.

User Info: sos21

5 years ago#45
Dark souls wiki is pretty awesome for said game.. But, you cant beat gamefaqs for answers to just about any game on any system & IOS..& of course, the ppl that are here too are pretty awesome also.. I say just about any game cause there is no guide, questions or tips for Cosmoscraft for iphone, ipod & ipad .. ! Still, any time I need an answer to any game I come to this amazing site.. I visit other sites just to get more insight into said game.. Or any game for that matter... Kudos to you all for helping this site to be what it is today!.. If it wernt for yous then this site would not still be around!.

User Info: narjion

5 years ago#46

User Info: R1masher

5 years ago#47
:) gg

User Info: Ribosome_Al1000

4 years ago#48
New more detailed and accurate info about Gravelord covenent, especially how Gravelord mechanics of black phantoms spawn is working.

Sticky requested by the way.
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User Info: cancerstorm

4 years ago#49
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User Info: daredevilwlj

4 years ago#50
i started up a new Dark Souls youtube channel. i have alot of vids that should be helpful to newer players. i am no pro, but i do consider myself a "veteran"

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