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User Info: Paoksis

5 years ago#1

i know most of the areas are interconnected,yet you can really feel the rise of difficulty changing from one to another....i wonder if there is an official list that states easiest to hardest areas and if not,a list from you guys who have finished the game....

User Info: _Sabertooth_1

5 years ago#2
By the time I finish the list someone else would have probably made one and posted. But I will say this - tomb of the giants is a disgusting area in terms of difficulty. Just too much going on from all directions. Not a fair test of skill
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User Info: Elven_Noble

5 years ago#3
I may forget some here, but this is my opinion.
Note: areas I don't count as full levels: Demonic Ruins (part one, the area just before the ceaseless discharge fight), Dark Anor Londo, Valley of Drakes, Great Hollow (this would be high on the difficulty list if I had it as a part of the list and if you were assumed to attempt to get all of the fixed loot), Ash Lake, Demonic Ruins (part three, the area that belongs to the Centipede Demon).

Also, I consider the Duke's Archives and the Crystal Cave as two different areas, where the Crystal Cave begins when you start fighting the Crystal Giants (which is actually before the Crystal Caves area caption appears). Additionally, I will consider that you will be taking the Lost Izalith shortcut as unlocked via the Chaos Servants covenant.

Catacombs (because you can literally skip the entire thing if you want once you reach the first bonfire; if you go through it normally though, I'd place it after Blighttown).

Undead Asylum

Undead Burg

Lower Undead Burg

The Depths

Undead Parish

Darkroot Basin (may contain part of the garden, I'm not sure if it considers the area just before the butterfly boss as part of the Darkroot Garden)

Demonic Ruins (part two, the part belonging to the Demon Firesage)

[The] Kiln (not including the final boss)

Duke's Archives (if you're smart and use the Fog Ring)

Blighttown (this would be much higher on the list if you haven't memorized or aren't good at noticing all the ladder locations on the way down to the swamp; the shortcut to the swamp floor also factors in)

Lost Izalith (assuming you take the shortcut)

Sen's Fortress

Darkroot Garden (aka the Forest, Sif's area; this would be lower on the list if you run through it in hollow form, but I'm assuming you're running through every area in human form)

Crystal Caves

Anor Londo (the only reason this is so high up on the list is because of the cheap part with the double silver knight archers just before one of the bonfires)

Painted World (without a good shield, the skeleton wheels will own you; phalanx is dangerous if you have no good AoE spells/miracles/pyromancy or strong, wide arc weapon[s])

New Londo Ruins. (ghosts are so ridiculously cheap in NG+ and onwards, that and the lack of any bonfires here is why I put this so high)

Hardest: Giant's Mausoleum (also known as Tomb of [the] Giants)
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User Info: meralonne

5 years ago#4
Most areas you can prepare for, if you're paying attention and talking to NPCs. If I were going to give an award to toughest area in NG*, I'd give it to Anor Londo. Here's why:

1. Your fist actual opponent (since you can walk past the giants) is the boss from an earlier area.
2. The narrow path you use to get into the Painting Guardian room is visually at odds with the prevailing game physics.
3. Navigate the ledges and make your way across. Your reward? Another gargoyle.
4. Three words: Silver Knight Archers.
5. Inside, you must navigate a mini-maze to unlock the short cuts. You then are rewarded with a brawl with two giants while another SK archer trolls you.
6. Smough & Ornstein. There's a reason why it's so easy to get summoned in AL.

*assuming you're not using the BB glitch
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User Info: meralonne

5 years ago#5
How could you leave out New Londo, Elven??
"Sigs are for dorks."-- my wife

User Info: _Sabertooth_1

5 years ago#6
I disagree with catacombs. If someone just picks up the game and instead of going to undead burg, goes into the catacombs, they'll get owned.
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User Info: GameOverlord345

5 years ago#7
Everything -> Tomb of the Giants
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User Info: Blocktopus

5 years ago#8
I'd say the hardest part in this game is probably New Londo, even if you're really good. The ghosts attack really far away and they go through walls, so yeah. Easiest is the depths. Once you learn it, you'll never even have to encounter a basilisk.

User Info: Blocktopus

5 years ago#9
Scratch that, tomb of the giants and painted world. Tomb of giants is just pure hell, even after you've learned it, and painted world is just annoying. The infectazombies or whatever they're called poison the hell out of you, and even the minor zombies hit hard.

User Info: Buddy_Dacote

5 years ago#10

Blighttown was the most rage inducing for me, so I'll have to go with that. But I didn't use the Valley of the drakes shortcut.

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