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PvP Tournament - Sl 125 - 17/18 March - Sign up topic

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User Info: Silent_Alarm

5 years ago#1
So, my idea is to hold a tournament similar to the one I held on Wikidot recently - 4 round robin groups of 4 (maybe 5 if there are enough people), with each group held at a slightly different time and in a different location. I'll be recording hopefully all of the fights.

Tournament format: 4 groups of four/five participants. Five participant groups will fight everyone once in round robin format. Four or fewer participant groups will fight each other twice in round robin format.

Each participant will score one point for a win. In the event of a double KO, each participant will score half a point.

The participant that has the most points from each group will qualify for the overall tournament semi-finals. These will be best of 3.

In the event of a tie, the head to head record of participants will be taken into account. If this is still a tie, a tie breaker between the tied competitors will take place. (In the event of three people still being tied, there will be a mini round robin between them until there is a winner. In the unlikely event of four people being tied, there will be a sudden death mini tournament of semi finals/finals between the four to decide the group).

All participants MUST have a red soapstone (no white/orange/blue phantoms).

Groups and times will be as follows (if anyone has any alternate group locations please let me know and I can test/accommodate):

Group A - Butterfly forest - Saturday 17 March - 2pm EST/11am PST/7pm GMT
Group B - Undead Parish Church - Sat 17 March - 5pm EST/2pm PST/10pm GMT
Group C - Sens Fortress rooftop - Sun 18 March - 2pm EST/11am PST/7pm GMT
Group D - Depths (Large rat area) - Sun 18 March - 5pm EST/2pm PST/10pm GMT

Finals: TBC but by default Sun 25 March - 2pm EST/11am PST/7pm GMT

Group A -
Group B -
Group C -
Group D -

SL Restriction: 125 (host will be 105 to enforce this rule)

1. At the start of fights you Bow, use 1 Pre-Buff (see below), 1 Green Blossom before fight begins. During this fight no player may attack their opponent. If I suspect anyone of abusing this rule to waste time to run down the other player’s buffs etc they risk forfeiting the fight
2. Pre-Buffs: you may choose one spell or consumable buff (in addition to green blossom). This may be either a weapon buff or a self buff.
3. Rebuffing during the duel is allowed at your own risk.
4. No healing items allowed (humanity, twin humanity, divine blessing etc). Regeneration items (e.g. sanctus) are allowed. Healing/regeneration spells are allowed to be cast during the duel at your own risk.
5. Hornets ring is banned. Using it will result in an instant DQ.
6. Chain BS are banned (see below for description) – any backstab deemed by the host to be a chain BS will result in a DQ
7. Any spell-swap glitches or similar (e.g. to buff an unbuffable weapon) will result in an DQ
8. Excessive lag (e.g. major/repeated teleporting/skipping, delay of 2+ seconds, continued teleport backstabs) will result in a DQ
9. You may recharge at a bonfire after each fight.

For clarity, you may use the following items at any point during a duel at your own risk: Consumable buffs
Repairing Powder
Throwing items (e.g. dung pies)
Green blossom
PSN & XBL: AM180
101 Dark Souls Deaths:

User Info: Silent_Alarm

5 years ago#2
Chain backstabs:
A chain backstab is defined for the purposes of this tournament as ANY backstab that occurs within either of these two conditions:
1. Within two seconds of a player returning to his feet off the ground after they have been knocked down for ANY reason (e.g. a backstab, a riposte, WOG, a zweihander R2 attack) assuming the player does nothing but either roll or move away.
2. Before the player has completed one roll away from the point at which they stand up after being knocked to the floor for any reason.

Other points:
(a) Any backstabs that are chained off of a spell/other attack (WOG, dragon body roar) do NOT count as chain BS unless the opponent is knocked to the floor.
(b) If the backstabbed player takes any other action apart from move away from the spot (e.g. attack, cast a spell, use a consumable) the conditions above are waived and no chain BS will occur if they are then backstabbed.
(c) “Accidentally” chaining a backstab from an attempted wake-up hit will not be excused and result in a DQ if it complies with the rules above.
(d) These rules are guidelines and are not hard and fast. I will judge on all potential chain BS and in any cases of doubt I will side with the backstabbee, not the backstabber. In short, if you are in any doubt as to what you’re about to do is a chain BS, don’t do it.

Please post the PSN ID you'll be using and your preferred group(s) when you sign up. If you can make more than one group/time please state this.

Tournaments in Demon’s Souls were often a long, drawn out affair, and Dark Souls ones of this size are unfortunately no exception due to the vagaries of the P2P system. I try to run my tournaments as efficiently as possible, but even so there are unfortunately periods of low activity and waiting around. If you sign up to this tournament, you should be prepared for your group to take about two hours to complete, and possibly longer. If you cannot commit to this length of time or you think you’ll get bored and wander off, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP. I will take a grim view (that’s right, I said GRIM) on anyone who drops out after half an hour because it's "taking too long" or who leaves because they had to urgently walk their dog (yes, I’ve had this happen).
PSN & XBL: AM180
101 Dark Souls Deaths:

User Info: zyrax2301

5 years ago#3
I'm tempted but considering my timezone and my tendency to not be available on weekends I'm gonna have to pass.

Hope this goes nicely man, looks cool. I like how you've chosen all pre-Londo areas :D
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User Info: FrunDeatt66

5 years ago#4
All I wanted to do was fight in a Dark Souls tournament.

... then I got the YLOD.

Damnit all.
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User Info: Vapid_Zero

5 years ago#5
FrunDeatt66 posted...
All I wanted to do was fight in a Dark Souls tournament.

... then I got the YLOD.

Damnit all.

Reflowing takes less time than the cool down time and any monkey who can read can do it.

You could get it reballed to solve it permanently.

Or send it back to sony and get a refurbished PS3.
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User Info: zyrax2301

5 years ago#6
Actually, can you put me down as a sub Ammy? I would love to participate but I don't want to lock myself in and f*** up a bracket in the event I can't play.

Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: Frank_Poole

5 years ago#7
Count me in. I'll pm you my psn id.

User Info: prankT

5 years ago#8
Good rules.

User Info: sirch98

5 years ago#9
Reaven1911 is my psn

Any free group

EDIT: Actually the butterfly forest if possible
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User Info: BrettSchumacher

5 years ago#10
Why did it have to be on St. Patricks day :(
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