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User Info: Yushike

5 years ago#1

The wiki says that this weapon is "far and away the best upgradable straight sword in the game. The move set is incredibly versatile, it does fantastic damage in all upgrade paths (Thanks to parameter bonus on Dex), has low requirements for use, good range (especially for thrusting), and is quite light," and "Considered a must have."

How true is that? The sword just doesn't seem that good to me, but that might be because I don't have it upgraded. There are other swords that just look better not upgraded though. It is only good with high Dex, or what? Can someone explain to me why this sword is better than other possible choices?

Also, if I wanted to do a pretty standard Dex build for PvP, what would my end stats look like?
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User Info: beezysheezy

5 years ago#2
Balder Side Sword scales well with DEX and has great reach, speed, and moveset.

30-40 VIT
40 END
40 DEX

And the rest into ATT, INT, FAI, and STR depending on what you want to use.

User Info: L10nH34Rt

5 years ago#3
It has the best damage/weight ratio at +15 when buffed. The thrusting attack has a damage modifier. Just +14 it and put a buff on it and you'll see for yourself ;)

IMO its a must along with katanas/falchion/pgs for dex/int - dex/fth builds. Its the only pure dex straight sword of the bunch.

User Info: Drak_the_Shadow

5 years ago#4
BSS only requires a dex build to maximize damage while most straight swords need a quality build.
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User Info: The Lag

The Lag
5 years ago#5
upgrade it if you are building a dex character.
then understand.
+15, high dex (40-45) and buffed...the end.
of course, you might prefer the move-set from another weapon.
so upgrade that weapon as well. there is no reason not to.
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User Info: brisk36

5 years ago#6
Press R2 to win.

User Info: lorddrago88

5 years ago#7
The wiki is terrible. It underplays how amazingly awesome the Baller Swag Sword is.
~GT DragoFireheart

User Info: Lives

5 years ago#8
No.. it is not "far and away the best" dex weapon. Sorry, that's just someone's opinion.

While it is a great weapon, it's all situational. It has good reach, a good moveset, doens't weigh much, and has good scaling. You can be good with nearly every weapon if you are comfortable with it. The BSS is a great weapon, make no mistake about it. But the best? Not so sure about that. I don't think you can call any weapon the best.

But uh... if you're rolling a dex build, you should absolutely at least have it in your inventory to experiment with.

User Info: MrVilla61391

5 years ago#9
it is the best, low requirements, with an awesome moveset and great reach, I'm using it on my thief/backstabber build and I only had to pump one point into str to be able to wield it.

User Info: Lives

5 years ago#10
MrVilla61391 posted...
it is the best, low requirements, with an awesome moveset and great reach, I'm using it on my thief/backstabber build and I only had to pump one point into str to be able to wield it.

That's for your character. There are a few other characters that could use an Uchigatana after only using one or two points for it. You also don't need to go farming for that weapon, and it has a great moveset, with bleeding, and higher damage. It only weighs 2 pounds more. What would you sacrifice at 2 pounds? Maybe about 10-20 defense? but you get more damage with it (12% more in the console version), along with bleeding. If you are a low-level character, the stat scaling of E for str for the BSS won't catch it up to the Uchigatana until way later.

I can't see why people say any weapon is "the best". It's simply not true. I see about 50x more people using katanas in PVP than the BSS. There's a reason for it.

In short... just go get both, or try all the dex weapons. They all have a purpose.

Also... I really, really wish Mercury weapons were still possible to make like they were in Demon's Souls. Mercury Uchigatana was a fun weapon. Heck I miss all the Demon's Souls weapon upgrade paths. Tearing...Sharp...
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