Did any boss make you stop playing the game for a while?

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User Info: Yukianase

5 years ago#11
When i first got the game. I could not beat the gargoyles and im the kinda guy who goes thru his first play thru. I quit for a week are 2 now i can beat the game so fast in 1 day
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User Info: mindandsoul

5 years ago#12
You will laugh..the hardest boss i struggled with LOADS was demon firesage....took me soooo many attempts to get him down.

User Info: Absolute_cyn

5 years ago#13
i have some kind of masochistic side of me where i will never give up on a game because it gets hard, i will sit there for hours and hours just failing until i get it right, if i cant do it i'll go to bed wake up and do it first try.

like the shadow temple for instance, (good example) that thing tore me a new one as a kid but for some reason i wouldnt give up, i just don't like the idea of the game beating me.
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User Info: Dawn and Dusk

Dawn and Dusk
5 years ago#14
The indoors portion of Sen's Fortress, first time through. Much harder platforming boss than Bed of Chaos.

User Info: Mally11

5 years ago#15
Protip for four kings:

- Use crystal halberd from Anor Londo
- Apply Havels EVERYTHING.
- Apply Iron Flesh
- ???
- profit

Though no boss made me quit the game for some reason fighting the Stray Demon for the first time at level 20-30 was nearly the most rage inducing thing. That fire blast though. .____.

User Info: R1masher

5 years ago#16
... My wife

User Info: kissel235

5 years ago#17
Well Knight Artorias took me a week to beat because I would get so pissed at myself for being a dumbass about dodging and getting greedy with the attacks and I pretty much had to turn the game off or I woulda broke something.

Now I'm stuck on Gwyn. I don't want to parry him because I didn't even mean to read that parrying him is easysauce, so only because I went through about 95% of the game without any help at all, I want to make Gwyn more of a challenge.

I feel bad about looking up a few different things, but none of them really ruined any of the surprises for me. Just things like a strategy on cutting off Seath's Tail and whether or not you can cut off Manus's tail.
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User Info: Nicodaemos

5 years ago#18
Whenever it's time to go kill Bed of Chaos I usually just lost interest and then start a new character.
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User Info: ColdNordGamer

5 years ago#19
Well right now I´m trying to beat the scaleless one with a broken sword hilt, might give that up though, but I won´t stop playing the game....
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User Info: haarlem1982

5 years ago#20
Well, no boss really, but on my first playthrough I got cursed ib the sewers, this was pre patch 1.03, so the only way to get rid of it was to go to the guy in New Londo, anyway, I reached Blighttown and after about a million tries I finally reached the poison lake, only to have the poison kill me 2 steps before the bonfire...

I punched a hole in my door and started a new character.
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