It's a hollow apocalypse! What will your weapon be?

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User Info: Draykon

5 years ago#81

Edit: Painting Guardian Sword? Wow....hollow better watch out! Screw this, I am dual wielding. Let's see what's in my other hand!

Second Edit: Wow....a light crossbow....I'm just gonna lay down and accept my fate.
"So...yeah....and stay dead." - Raven from Tales of Vesperia
(PSN: TheDraykon GT: Draykon)

User Info: lucky_sharm19

5 years ago#82

edit: Oh wow, a light cross bow. Fan-freaking-tastic. Let's see what I get next.

edit 2: Eh, a Battle Axe. Not particularly wieldy but it's alright.
PSN: GSPhantom
What doesn't kill you, didn't finish the job.

User Info: Snipa_Wulf12

5 years ago#83
Wonder what I'll get??

Edit: Dragon bone fist...SHORYUKEN!!!
Oh for junipers sake, put a little spring in your step. Heh heh heh

User Info: iGBx

5 years ago#84
Dark Souls & Demon's Souls YouTube Channel

User Info: OMGWTFBBQ99

5 years ago#85

Black Knight Greataxe. dis gon b gud
It's always funny until someone gets hurt. Then it's just hilarious.
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User Info: Skopolamin

5 years ago#86
Oh and the perfect amount of mf to have on is around 450. Otherwize, anything lower or higher isn't the best to have - Tuac

User Info: Kyuubi4269

5 years ago#87
Black Bow Of Pharis

...I can learn...
Name: Kyu
FC: 60034570

User Info: BigWilliePlays

5 years ago#88
Gimme gimme...

Edit: Gravelord sword on the first draw. I can work with that.
better to offer help to a troll than turn away a noob - PHoToS999

User Info: slayer921

5 years ago#89
moonlight greatsword, dem explosions
PSN : Hobbes921
PSN : Muramasa_Ciaran

User Info: Jadyjade

5 years ago#90
Aiming for the greatsword...
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  3. It's a hollow apocalypse! What will your weapon be?

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