What X-bow has the fastest Reloading speed?

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  3. What X-bow has the fastest Reloading speed?

User Info: ninji_

4 years ago#1
It seems to me to be the Light X-bow.
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User Info: Cvdf3

4 years ago#2
I want to say Avelyn; but if not, it's definitely the Light. Sniper is the slowest.
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User Info: legendrider

4 years ago#3
Most definitely light I believe, either that or avelyn, but I think light has the fastest, then avelyn, the heavy and finally sniper which is just major slow and kinda pointless, even for offline, shame really, meant for sniping but kinda hard to aim with it
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User Info: lKaddl

4 years ago#4
heavy and light are the same

then avelyn

then sniper

User Info: Tmk

4 years ago#5
I'm fairly sure avelyn's load time is longer than heavy's. I haven't used the others. @_@
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  3. What X-bow has the fastest Reloading speed?

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