BKS is not that bad

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User Info: Tropicalwood

5 years ago#1
So as I have found out BKS is pretty underrated.
Yesterday I removed my BK build and replaced it with a dragon weapon build.
So before I got rid of it I did some PvP in Anor Lono and the BKS won against MLGS and Katana gankers more often then any of the other BK weapons.
Don't mess with the BKS.
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User Info: slayer921

5 years ago#2
maybe those ppl u fought were some ***. IMO i hate t he BKS since it is a str weap(i dont like str weaps besides the ST GA).
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User Info: Dex_Pyromaniac

5 years ago#3
Yeh its a somewhat decent weapon and definitely the best BK weapon, also DAT STAMINA DMG lol
GT - Dex Pyromaniac
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