Dark Souls perfectly described in just 2 words!

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User Info: 101TheBoss

5 years ago#21
Over powered.
http://i.imgur.com/c3hvt.gif http://i.imgur.com/1NpZn.gif
http://i.imgur.com/ByaRm.gif http://i.imgur.com/cvyAp.gif

User Info: Dabrikishaw15

5 years ago#22
Trial Error
Fact: all fanbases are unpleasable, deal with it.

User Info: Fallensting

5 years ago#23
Dork Souls

User Info: Cvdf3

5 years ago#24
Artificial Chewing
If you build your shop in front of an arrow trap, sometimes you are going to get shot by an arrow.

User Info: Wratts

5 years ago#25
Who farted?

User Info: Tkmajing

5 years ago#26
You Died!
What in the name of?

User Info: hmmmmname

5 years ago#27
Chest Ahead
See you Space Cowboy.

User Info: spikes_dimak

5 years ago#28
good entertainment
PSN: digitalgangsta42 Currently Playing: Dark Souls, MW3 (Clan ops only), and retro games. Always chilling at dimak tv chill chat play

User Info: orphanjohn

5 years ago#29
Nerf hammer
PSN: orphanjohn/OrphanFromdabloc
Currently playing: Dark Souls, UMvC3, Transformers: FoC, Resident Evil 6

User Info: Silent_Alarm

5 years ago#30
Prepare to Die!

Oh wait...
PSN & XBL: AM180
My Demon's/Dark Souls Vids: http://www.youtube.com/user/AM1800?feature=mhee
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