Why do people get so mad when they bow and get backstabbed?

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User Info: XKadorX

4 years ago#11
I always wait for invader to bow, if not i dont.

User Info: TwStedPrinCe

4 years ago#12
SolidKnight posted...
What you've got to do is summon people via red soap stone then bow when they start spawning in which will prompt them to bow back when they're able. That's when you cast crystal soul spear with every damage boost you can stack on your character. Now that gets you some rage.

Bonus points if you can convince them that you accidentally bumped R1 and that you'd like to summon them again.

I absolutely despise people who do things like this with RSS. But this cracked me up lol
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4 years ago#13
This is why I do not bow to anyone the first time I fight them unless they bow first. If we have had a good match and they invade again, even if they did not bow the first time, I will bow to them. After you fight someone once you can usually tell if they are a dbag. Also, TC if you are really surprised you got hatemail for that, you are really not too bright. The guy should not have bowed, but what you did took no skill.
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User Info: FS_HUNK

4 years ago#14
Crimson681 posted...
Personally, I'm a backstab and parry fisherman when the person playing shows a vulnerability to those tactics. I usually walk up to someone mid range and pause, unless they are immediately aggressive, if they bow, then yeah, I'm going for the backstab. In a way its baiting a bow, which is baiting a backstab. Which means I'm fishing when I do that.

You sound like a joke lol, knew so many noobs like you in DeS, still stomped your asses haha.
"The butt kill is instant and if anything that should be removed." - Klobzi
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User Info: Mosgus

4 years ago#15
Basically, I will always be willing to bow, but only do so if I see a bow first, regardless of if I'm invader or invadee.

User Info: Snizlito

4 years ago#16
I can't believe some of these responses but to be fair this game is all about personal playstyle. When I invade or host I usually wave and bow. It's polite. As some have said there is timing involved to avoid bsers but really what does it matter? They bs you for the easy win, great for them but if they have the audacity to think they are the better warrior then pity them fools. I mean seriously why wait 2-3 minutes to invade a guy then bs him when he says hello. Now you have to wait another minute to invade then next guy. What a waste of time and I see little satisfaction in that, but I do take satisfaction knowing I wasted 4-5 minutes of the tools time. As an invader I do it as a way of saying hi and to let them know they are in for a good fight. As host I do it to tell them I won't interfere with them fighting a phantom, of course that's just my way of looking at it. Now if I'm hosting and a invader bses me repeatedly then I send them a polite message telling them honor is no longer needed and I gang squad awaits their next invasion. Usually they get the idea and show respect upon their next invasion and I'll banish my phantoms in front of them, then I drink all my estus to show them I won't heal and proceed to usually beat them naked with no shield. That's how you show them who is the bigger(and better) man or woman.

User Info: bopjo1

4 years ago#17
If you invade and it's just the host standing around then it's kind of obvious there's a 1v1 situation. Bowing is appropriate in that scenario, IMO...

User Info: moodyjm2

4 years ago#18
I don't invade often...

But when I do, I innocently bow then backstab the host as he bows, gesturing "Well, What Is It?" over his fresh corpse.
GT: DragonSoundxSG
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User Info: bopjo1

4 years ago#19
Why do you find that satisfying? Wouldn't it be more fun to have an actual fight? Just curious...

User Info: Blocktopus

4 years ago#20
Because they don't know how to play the game l0l
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