Any crappy weapons you use anyway?

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User Info: Snake15000

5 years ago#31
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User Info: UFE9999

5 years ago#32
Titanite-Demon posted...
True Greatsword of Artorias.

Inferior 'cause of, y'know, split damage.

The TGSOA was by far my favourite PVE weapon. Once all my scaling stats were at 50, even with the split damage and lack of buffs, nothing was quite like it in terms of damage, range and moveset--the computer AI seemed to be a total sucker for the 2-handed R2 swing. Now that it's been slowed down in patch 1.06, it doesn't feel as fun to use anymore. And it's definitely way too slow now for PVP.


User Info: Lycal

5 years ago#33
The Darksword. Awful weapon (especially on a dex build), but I just love that flashy R2 move.
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User Info: Plaz412

5 years ago#34
I like to use the Manus Catalyst's R2 attack, does some pretty solid damage. I wouldn't recommend using it, but it's definitely not super terrible. Also not really crappy weapons I like to use are stone greataxes, which I duel wield for fun.
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User Info: Ryan_SilverFox

5 years ago#35
Yuji_Ikaido posted...
For me, I have always loved Quelaag's Furysword. There are weapons that are better than this stat and move wise in every way, yet I still use this anyway simply because the fire aura is so awesome.

Do you ever use inferior weapons just for the look?

I don't think Quelaag's Furysword is bad in any way. In fact, I think it's one of the better curved swords available. Heck, I just used it to beat Artorias in one on one combat. One thing that does help augment it's damage a bit is to have 12 humanity on the gauge...

User Info: newjerseyplayer

5 years ago#36
Claws. Havel's Set and Claws is heavy, but looks awesome.
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User Info: Vidmor

5 years ago#37
Demon's Greataxe. I love the damage and the unique R2s, but the thing leaves me wide open for so many hits that its really not worth using. I can do decent with it PVP, but if I run into a player that isn't an idiot, I'm basically screwed.

User Info: moodyjm2

5 years ago#38
Titanite-Demon posted...
True Greatsword of Artorias.

Inferior 'cause of, y'know, requirements, horrible movest, scaling, and split damage.


Lightning Guardian Tail +5. Cause it got swag yo.
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User Info: Tmk

5 years ago#39
GodsPoison posted...
cause in PVE you can use whatever you want and still be effective.

Well, probably in a first playthrough, but boy is that not the case in a maxed playthrough. Whips really aren't working so well. Plus ANY slashing weapon in Duke's Archives is going to be terrible. There's a lot of weapons that end up being pretty awkward in the Catacombs, too, partially because of the closed spaces. Like, Grant, which in some places will hit the ceiling with its swings. >:/
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User Info: Aporia_Mage

5 years ago#40
Lifehunt Scythe is a mighty weapon, the ring and the shield are both unnecessary.
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