What is the hardest part of the game in your opinion?

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  3. What is the hardest part of the game in your opinion?

User Info: X-PICU-X

4 years ago#41
JameJame456xx posted...
For me, the part of Anor Londo with the 2 dragonbow archers sniping you on that pedway. One hit and you fall to your death. NG, NG+, or even NG+++, I still die there.

when you get the skull lantern go to snugly and drop it, it will give you the ring of fog. buy some poison arrows (20 or more just to be sure) and get black bow of pharis. with all that equiped go to the pillar that's after the 2 gargoyles and shoot them from there. they cant see you with the ring and you should aim for the legs shoot 2 arrows and when they get hit they will shoot you 2 times, hide back rinse and repeat. good luck
"life its simple...just take choices & never look back"

User Info: volX

4 years ago#42
You can also just position yourself behind the ballustrade on the path up to the archers (the part in front of the pillar). Their arrows will hit the ballustrade, if youre well positioned and you can shoot them easily with any bow.

User Info: caramel_cod

4 years ago#43
Renegade109 posted...

I believe this can also be done by exploiting the quit to title screen function so you're planted outside the boss fog after taking out the sides (Confirmation? Never tried it?).

Confirmed. Only PvE fight I get nervous on anymore.

User Info: Absolute_cyn

4 years ago#44
AlbinoCrocodile posted...
Meh, I only put them out now since I got asked by Cyn and stuff, I stopped tossing them out every day a while back. Anyways, I suppose that would be a bit hypocritical if I put them out purely for my own amusement, though I was mainly looking to have some fun and brainstorm with the community each time.

Honestly, doesn't sound like you're that calm, but I'm not going to derail the topic any further so do as you please.I apologize if I upset/inconvenienced you.

Edit: Almost forgot the topic. Hardest part for me is guiding any host through the township area, so many people die, and this was before the glitching too.

keeping a host alive in general can be challenging.

and yes, ignore him, he's jelly, if you ever feel like moar polls feel free, they are the few thigns that are fun and interesting on this board anymore.
GT: Artorias479

User Info: MsSushiA

4 years ago#45
Kalameet's. Tail.
Call me A or Miss A ^_~

User Info: X-PICU-X

4 years ago#46
Bed of chaos is easy without the bones. Just destroy the right pillar as soon as you land. Wait for her to slam the floor with her hand & run to where you landed. Go to the left pillar but hugging the wall until you can advance no more. Shoot it from there until you destroy it. Then run back to where you land, & with caution walk toward until the floor colapse. Watch her attack pattern & when she slam her hand, run like crazy to the middle. Hope this works, good luck.
"life its simple...just take choices & never look back"
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  3. What is the hardest part of the game in your opinion?

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