What will the sequel be called?

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User Info: dozingdevil

4 years ago#21
Darth Souls.

Dominoes Souls.

Dreaded Souls.

Dire Souls.

Doctor souls.

D*** Souls.

Demented Souls.

Dream Souls.

Damned Souls.

Dutiful Souls.

Dexamphetamine Souls. (wat?)

Drawn Souls.

Dregling Souls.

Drake Souls.

Duck Souls.

Diamond Souls.

Dunebuggy Souls.
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User Info: Adarksoul

4 years ago#22
Gank Souls Prepare To Rage Edition

User Info: dozingdevil

4 years ago#23
Drugged Souls.
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User Info: London-SV

4 years ago#24
Ginger souls, you play as a ginger warrior trying to show the world that gingers do have souls, Invaders can invade and prompt them that they don't have a soul to further antagonize them.

User Info: Oil_Rope_Bombs

4 years ago#25
From: kagebara | Posted: 11/10/2012 3:42:51 AM | #017
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User Info: marko7

4 years ago#26
Ginger Souls is winning by a wide margin XD
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User Info: JonCiepiela

4 years ago#27
Darker Souls

User Info: Bob_Esrock

4 years ago#28
Evil Souls.
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User Info: Klobzi

4 years ago#29
Drake or Dragon Souls is most likely. Or just Dark Souls 2.

User Info: TommyGuner

4 years ago#30
Doesn't have to begin with 'D' btw guys.
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