What will the sequel be called?

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User Info: oblivios

4 years ago#51
So far I'm quite fond of:

• King Souls
• Evil Souls
• Lord Souls
• Hollow Souls
• Torment Souls

Here's mine:

• Blackened Souls (In memory of a long lost RIer)
• Kindled Souls
• Chosen Souls
• Cursed Souls
• Undead Souls
• Darkring's Flame
• Legion's Souls
• Burned Souls
• Consumed Souls
• Death Souls
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User Info: THEB0SS666

4 years ago#52
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User Info: Protqgonist

4 years ago#53
Ive always been keen on Souls' Souls.
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User Info: Lousy_Fellow

4 years ago#54
Devil Souls: You May Cry Edition.

Dark Souls: Reach.

Diabolic Spirits.

Demon's Souls 3.

Dark Souls Tri


I dig Hollow Souls..
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User Info: Culturally_Lao

4 years ago#55
I say Dragon's Souls or Devil Souls

Speaking of Dragon's Souls, I want a game which is the hybrid of Monster Hunter and DS/DkS

User Info: Luigioh

4 years ago#56
The rights to the name "forsaken souls" were purchased a few months ago, maybe it's that.
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User Info: Absolute_cyn

4 years ago#57
Luigioh posted...
The rights to the name "forsaken souls" were purchased a few months ago, maybe it's that.

no thats a different japanese game. called soul sacrifice, but they purchased that domain name.

heres the article

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User Info: NicoJay6

4 years ago#58
From Software / Team Ninja collaboration.

Gwynevere Xtreme Beach Volleyball Souls.

I had a more serious suggestion with Cursed Souls but someone beat me to it. A game with greater emphasis on the curse mechanic has potential. Wouldn't New Londo be interesting if all the enemies (inc. 4 Kings) required the player to be cursed to harm/defend against them, also transient curse not existing.

User Info: MC_Knight01

4 years ago#59
Forsaken Souls

Also Dragon souls seems plausible seeing how Dragons have played a big part in both games. Dragon god, and Dark souls has been based off dragons...
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User Info: Bob_Esrock

4 years ago#60
Pegeta posted...
new weapons such as a gun, hand cannon, etc.

I don't want any guns in my Skyr-


Wait a minute!
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