What will the sequel be called?

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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#71
Fashion Go-Karting Souls
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User Info: Quaguaman

4 years ago#72
Darker Souls!
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User Info: paperwarior

4 years ago#73
Rubber Souls
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User Info: SwimmingToaster

4 years ago#74
Demi-fiend Souls: Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series!
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User Info: cuter_girl

4 years ago#75
Da Souls
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User Info: Saravind_Peart

4 years ago#76
skytrot posted...
Highly unlikely Dead Souls as a spin off Yakuza game already has that name.

means nout..... there is a dark souls on pc and a dark souls 2 both released before this dark souls game

User Info: haarlem1982

4 years ago#77
Dying Souls
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User Info: TheJackyl

4 years ago#78
Out of the one's I've seen here, King's Souls seems the most likely.

I don't think they would do "Dark Souls 2" since while you can say Dark Souls is a sequel to Demon's Souls (in the same way Perfect Dark is a sequel to Goldeneye 64), I think the next one will be "_____ Souls"
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User Info: lucky_sharm19

4 years ago#79
Dark's Souls
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User Info: TMG2186

4 years ago#80
Abyss Souls/ Souls of The Abyss?
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