Different classes do NOT have the same base stats

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User Info: badassmark

5 years ago#1
By this I mean if you add all the stats together (vit, str, dex, etc) and then subtract the starting level (ex: deprived starts at lvl 6) then the numbers are not equal between classes. For example the pyromancer adds up to 83 while the sorcerer only has a sum of 79.

Correct me if im mistaken but wouldn't this make the pyromancer inherently 4 points better than the sorcerer, especially since as far as I know the only way to gain stats is 1 per each level up. Since the "gifts" are mostly useless and any starting bonuses are easily obtained within the first third of the game would it not make sense to pick a class judged solely on this cumulative stat number?

User Info: Number4Rocket

5 years ago#2

Pyro is best for most builds.

Not all.

Who cares about points you won't use.

User Info: ancapaillmor

5 years ago#3
It was the same in demons every class has a different starting soul level, having lower points in some stats gives you more room to customize your build, maybe you don't want to waste points on 14 faith or 12 int etc you want those points elsewhere. Also How else would you get Ng++++ SL1 runs.

User Info: dozingdevil

5 years ago#4
dat 12 resist base.
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User Info: badassmark

5 years ago#5
very true. But since the pyro starts at lvl 1 it not only has the most starting points (tied with the wanderer) but it also has the most freedom of placement. I would argue that this makes it the best class....

User Info: badassmark

5 years ago#6
Im still new to this game so there are many things I need to learn (I'm assuming resistance is a lackluster stat) But the math nerd in me couldnt help but want to find the most advantageous class.

Quick question of opinion. Which stats are the worst, as in the most ignored? I know several are based on what build you're going for but some have got to be better than others...

User Info: ancapaillmor

5 years ago#7
I miss the luck stat from demons.

resistance i suppose would be the least used, you can easily get armour to counteract low resistance or rings or be in human form.

The rest is all down to your build. No point pumping loads in faith if you're a mage, or pumping points into strength if you're using a dex weapon etc.

User Info: beezysheezy

5 years ago#8
In terms of points per SL, Pyromancer and Wanderer are the best and are often used for min-maxing with a lot of builds. But, there are several builds that min-max using other starting classes such as Faith builds starting with Bandit or Cleric.

User Info: Hero_Dunban

5 years ago#9
Yeah, afaik if min-maxing you should never use a class that's not pyro, wanderer, bandit or cleric.
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User Info: MsSushiA

5 years ago#10
It is true that they have more stats, however these stats are actually only in resistance, really that's 1-2 points of defense.
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