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User Info: cody316

5 years ago#61
Q from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Use his taunt as a gesture three times and his defense goes through the roof.

He'd make fist weapons stupid awesome. :D
Final Dark Souls Build: Demon's Souls Fat Official Platinum Trophy Victory Lap
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User Info: m415mike

5 years ago#62
Colm from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

I spent a lot of time forcing him to fight everything and level up. After a while, he literally never got hit and always attacked twice per turn. He was insanely powerful, and I feel like he fits Dark Souls extremely well.

User Info: joeharamatheo

5 years ago#63
the king of all cosmos, from katamari damacy

come at us, bro! we'll roll you up and make a star

User Info: Plaz412

5 years ago#64
haarlem1982 posted...
Ryu Hayabusa

This this this.
PSN: plazmatika412 - You are already dead, the only pain you'll feel is realization.

User Info: Jesserae

5 years ago#65
baek from tekken, roundhouse kicks for everyone!
Psn: Darkestsoul92

User Info: simonbelmont2

5 years ago#66
Rugal Bernstein. His Genocide Cutter kick would wipe out everything.
Carl Kolchak: You should meet my boss. He'd turn Buddha into a chain smoker.

User Info: Seithri

5 years ago#67
I'd want to go with Francis York Morgan

Him and his trusty friend Zach will plow through the entirety of Lordran and find out the mystery of Lord Gwyn.
PSN: Seithri

User Info: KotomineKirei

5 years ago#68
Solid Snake/Big Boss(MGS) with his box camouflage, or Gilgamesh(F/SN) with his giant collection of treasure.

User Info: Drakillion

5 years ago#69
Elizabeth from Persona 3. Her Velvet blue color scheme, her pale skin and yellow eyes are nice, stark contrasts for Dark Soul's world.

She has a blackhole for stomach, not to mention her wallet! Man, swindling the MC for the compendium is REALLY paying off. Literally.

She's also deathless, and don't forget:

*giggles* "MEGIDOLAON for everyone!!!! :3"

"Dating Yukari Takeba is, like, the closest thing to dating Michelle Ruff, so I don't see the reason why not."- My brother XD

User Info: crunchb3rry

5 years ago#70
Daryl from Walking Dead.

With hesitation though. I question his choices. Uses a crossbow because it's quiet, but drives a loud-ass chopper.
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