A patch is imminent. What changes would you like to see, if any?

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  3. A patch is imminent. What changes would you like to see, if any?

User Info: FruitOfTheDoom

5 years ago#31
I think the pyromancy flame shouldn't be leveled up, but instead scale with Soul Level, up to 100 or something.
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User Info: Okikurmi

5 years ago#32
FruitOfTheDoom posted...
Remove the Magic and Faith requirements for the Cursed and Abyss versions of Artorias' sword.

This so much
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User Info: Lodiss

5 years ago#33
Let invasions happen via blue eye orb even if the host has killed the area boss.

They will still need to have been indicted or have at least one sin to be invaded. One sin or indictment per invasion, as always.

Players that kill Dark Sun Gwyndolin should always be susceptible to Darkmoon invasions.
You were indicted.

User Info: Furanken_Furan

5 years ago#34
Remove poise entirely.
Make backstab impossible in pvp.
Add more armors with breasts like the chainmail.

User Info: FrunDeatt66

5 years ago#35
aneed4peed posted...

- Revert the Fog Ring to its original form

I would be all about this IF they made it so you could strafe while holding up your shield. It's way too hard to focus on a moving target without locking on, but if you could strafe, I think it would be fair.
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User Info: FruitOfTheDoom

5 years ago#36
How about the Fog Ring greatly reducing the lock-on range, but not making it totally impossible to lock-on?
All puns intended, especially sexually suggestive ones!

User Info: GodsPoison

5 years ago#37
Fog ring should work as Theifs Ring worked in Dark Souls, As in it should make you COMPLETELY INVISIBLE at a certain range, but moving into range you gradually become visible.

Basically 15+ feet away= totaly invisible, 10 feet away regular Fog Ring visible, 5 feet or closer Totally visible. The Hidden Body spell should work the same way but make it much more potent, say not totally visible until they are right in your face, seeing as it only has 3 casts and lasts 30 seconds long.

Give me this FROM SOFT and i guarantee there will be a thousand topics on here asking for advice to building a Stealth Build, which me and my associates will happily reply to each and every one!

User Info: xAgonyx

5 years ago#38
a faster dark hand. make it fast enough to use after you kick someone
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User Info: zUkUu

5 years ago#39
bring back Demon Soul summon system (dedicated mater server) and I'm happy.

I surely hope for the next game they do that. Dark Souls could have been the best game of 2011 if it wouldn't use this P2P-Group-Crap.

User Info: Nick_Chaos007

5 years ago#40
This topic started off good then went to be stupid with ridiculously stupid ideas.
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  3. A patch is imminent. What changes would you like to see, if any?

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