So... Obsidian GSword is rubbish. (Secret rubbish weapon list topic!)

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User Info: lucky_sharm19

5 years ago#31
AtelierCorvus posted...

In spite of how sexy the Claw is, I'd have to agree. It's completely useless outside of cosplaying as Wolverine. It's too damned slow for a DEX weapon, for one thing.
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User Info: Tmk

5 years ago#32
Is this strictly based on PvP? Because a fair amount of those weapons are pretty good in PvE.

Obsidian actually has the same attack power as Moonlight Greatsword has at 50 intelligence, though since Obsidian's damage is physical it's less impressive. But, I mean, it's stat requirements aren't super high. So it might even be stronger than other options at those stats, though I haven't checked that. (edit) At Obsidian's base stats, a claymore +15 would have 360 attack power, vs. Obsidian's 480. o_o Wow.

I do agree with Battle Axe.

Less sure about Gargoyle Tail Axe. But I may just be really attached to its appearance and stuff. D:

Sniper and light crossbow do seem pretty bleh.

Scimitar only has significance for the intensely weight conscious.

Definitely disagreeing about dagger though. It swings considerably faster than bandit knife, so with a weapon enchant it's rawrtacular. Although I'm sure human players won't let you just smack them with it endlessly like PvEnemies can sometimes.

Definitely don't think Jagged Ghost Blade should be there, unless you also put Drake Sword, because when I started a new character I got this weapon early on, and holy crap is it godly. It's pretty much far superior to Drake Sword, because it's easy to upgrade it to +2 by around the time you'd have Drake Sword anyway, and then you can upgrade it further. Its faster, essentially no stat requirements, has bleed, very very light.

I do agree with Priscilla's Dagger though. I wish it were better. :|

Caestus, eh... I guess... It's actually respectable against PvEnemies susceptible to strike damage, like those tankish monsters in Duke's Archives, plus it's pretty awesome looking with weapon enchantments. But claws are better.

Gotta agree on Dragon Bone Fist. Too weak, and while its R2 is amazing, it's way too impractical. It saddens me.

I disagree with Dragon Greatsword, but, I only was impressed with it when I was a dragonoid. Dragon roar -> 2h R2, 1h R2 kills Black Knights in NG+7~ with them having no way to escape once they're hit with dragon roar. In general, dragon roaring then doing the special attack once or twice at distant enemies is pretty awesome.

I don't even want to talk about Stone Greataxe. v_v

Demon's Great Hammer is to Great Club as Scimitar is to Falchion, if Scimitar was obnoxiously heavier for some reason. >_>

I've yet to find a reason to ever use Dragon Tooth, and I'm the guy who's used whips.

I don't even see the purpose of any crystal weapons.

I've yet to see a reason to use Giant's Halberd.

I like Lucerne. I think once I got over the shock of its moveset, I could see it's good. Since it does piercing damage, it has that whole bonus damage thing going for it. I like it, think it's good. Just wonky to use at first.

Blacksmith Giant Hammer actually seems...okay. It's like an easier to obtain lightning weapon (well, weighing whether using a slab is easier than killing a useful blacksmith), and its attack power leans heavily to lightning, similar to how Furysword leans to fire. So... Well, I guess the requirement of killing the Giant Blacksmith is a problem. But if someone else could give someone this in NG, I think it'd be pretty boss.

Vamos Hammer may be the dumbest weapon in the game. What were they even thinking?

Blacksmith Hammer is dumb, too. The only way it's impressive is if you presently thought Morning Star was great.

I think Club hanged itself when it learned of Reinforced Club.
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User Info: Tmk

5 years ago#33
Mace... I might try one eventually. But I already have Reinforced Club, so I struggle to see the point.

Poor Morning Star. :(

I like War Pick. But, it needs quality stats I suppose... If you have those stats though, it's stronger than Pickax (but apparently does less poise damage than other hammers. o_o). I like its moveset over Pickax, as well.

I see no point to Spear.

lol @ Astora's Straight Sword.

WTF? Broadsword? No way. Its got the power of Sunlight Straight Sword/Darksword, but it's lighter and not slowed down like them. It's stronger than Balder Side Sword, too, with quality stats.

Shortsword is like the Scimitar, I think.

I've yet to see a reason to use Mail Breaker.

I tried to see the good in whips... I really did. :/

Sunlight Straight Sword... eh. I'd rather use a Broadsword. The thrusting R2 isn't worth the slower swing.

I love Partizan. >:C It's seriously such a great PvE weapon. The R2s are just awesomeness.

I've yet to find a reason to use Scythe.
I am snazzier, hot, hot rant. Warily slight as.
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User Info: shadowsofdawn

5 years ago#34
Battle axe has its uses for SL1 runs, and giant blacksmith hammer is pretty damn good for the stat investment you need to use it (especially with lightning weapon nerf now). Otherwise I'd have to agree with your list.

I was waiting to see you list the pickaxe, and I was going to go into a rant (with links to videos) of Barneezy's homeless hollow build. But alas, you didn't list it.
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User Info: Tmk

5 years ago#35
Can't a SL1 run use reinforced club though? I would think that'd be a way more appealing weapon than a battle axe.
I am snazzier, hot, hot rant. Warily slight as.
Croak rush, OK? Weirder, almighty make out. ::)

User Info: KoolAssAssassin

5 years ago#36
I don't understand this topic. What is the context here? By rubbish do you mean these aren't good PvP weapons? You can't possibly mean they are bad all around. I mean weapons like the spear and battle axe are pretty damn good when you get them in the game. Sure they are eventually outclassed by better weapons but not being the best weapon =/= being a rubbish weapon.

User Info: Renegade

5 years ago#37
- Dragon Tooth


*Runs out of topic screaming* []
What are YOU playing?

User Info: Number4Rocket

5 years ago#38
Obsidian is awesome actually. Just so swag.
Also, I did not expect to be able to 2hand it with 14 strength, but wow, you can.

It's worth it just because the stat investment for it is low.

I mean hell, yes, it's worse than my DEX weapons... but... THAT AWESOME R2!!

User Info: VettiSforza

5 years ago#39
Lightning Gargoyle Tail Axe +5 has worked wonders for me over the past few weeks. Really freaks out BS fishers when they can't get behind you due to the sweeping attack radius.

User Info: Aporia_Mage

5 years ago#40
Dex, the Halberd is now a B-A tier weapon at least.
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