If you could be one character from the Souls Series--

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User Info: WalkingPlague

4 years ago#1
Who would you be?

I would have to be Ornstein. His armour is filthy.
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User Info: Zombie_Punk

4 years ago#2

I'd play with my tail.

User Info: AlbinoCrocodile

4 years ago#3
Kalameet, telekinesis and so forth.
Miss Albino at your service.
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User Info: Kyuubi4269

4 years ago#4
Name: Kyu
FC: 60034570

User Info: HeavensEnd

4 years ago#5
False King Allant.
PSN: DyingDreams
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User Info: skytrot

4 years ago#6
Everlasting dragon. lol I'd just sit all day.

User Info: Tmk

4 years ago#7
It'd just be boring because the only folks you have to talk to are all clammed shut.
I am snazzier, hot, hot rant. Warily slight as.
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User Info: m415mike

4 years ago#8
Probably Logan. Before he goes crazy, he seems like an extremely chill dude. He's also the closest thing Dark Souls has to a man of science, and I'm all about that.

User Info: Coast2coast

4 years ago#9
Solaire all the way, you don't even know how many hours I'd kill chucking lightning bolts at everything to amuse myself.

User Info: PHoToS999

4 years ago#10
I'd be the 3-3 summon from Demons Souls.

I've always loved being that boss.
Silvy owns my pants...and my soul.
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