If you had one piece of advice for a new player what would it be?

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User Info: Snizlito

4 years ago#31
Don't panic

User Info: wh0_kn0ws

4 years ago#32
d3dsight posted...
Read nothing. No guides, no forums, no wikis...NOTHING. Enjoy the game. If you don't like it, no big deal. If you do like it, you're probably going to play through it many, many times. But you'll never be able to play through it the first time again, and every little thing you read without being able to experience it yourself first will hurt your experience.

Second playthrough? Go hog wild. Read up as much as you want on the game.

this. i screwed up reading about s*** in demon's souls and ended up duping because the goddamned filthy merchant disappeared. terrible.
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User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#33
Get the Firekeeper soul in New Londo as soon as you finish the tutorial.
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User Info: Ryakkn

4 years ago#34
Try using both hands

User Info: pacpuf7249

4 years ago#35
professoroflies posted...
dont read gamefaqs until after your first play through. Experience it fresh.

This. This so much
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User Info: somewhat117

4 years ago#36
Don't play COD. Or Kingdom Hearts..
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User Info: deus_clivio

4 years ago#37
I feel all the people on here saying you shouldn't worry about min-maxing your stats. But to be honest; that depends. If you end up liking the game as much as I did, you may eventually want to have a character that's viable for competitive play, and if you don't pay any attention to which stats you level up, you may end up having to restart your first character completely to do this. I would say that while you shouldn't worry too much about specifics; you should still see what kinds of builds are out there (strength, dex, faith, int, DEX + FTH, Dragonslayer Bow build, etc.) and just pick one you like the sound of. It doesn't have to be perfect, just an approximation.

As a rule of thumb; prioritise END, VIT, and one or two of STR, DEX, INT and FTH. Ignore RES completely. Leave other stats low unless you need them to wield weapons/shields (e.g.; get enough str or dex to use your weapon of choice, no more.)
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User Info: Dabrikishaw15

4 years ago#38
Pace your time playing the game. Stop every few hours and pick it up the the nest day when you are refreshed.
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User Info: legendofstars

4 years ago#39
Prepare to die... alot.

User Info: THEB0SS666

4 years ago#40
Hide in the asylum demons ass.
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