If you had one piece of advice for a new player what would it be?

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User Info: HeavensEnd

4 years ago#41
Take drugs...kill a bear.
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User Info: Elfergos

4 years ago#42
Play offline until you have a level of competency.

User Info: DemonSoulLoki

4 years ago#43
You will die often but you'll come back stronger overtime
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User Info: RedCrossKnight

4 years ago#44
Found a boss? Time for some jolly co-op.

In a strange, new environment? Stay hollow. People invading will know the areas already.

Some of the orange messages on the ground are (occasionally) useful. Read them.

You'll want a shield.
On the other hand, dodging is more efficient...
But it will likely get you killed until you get the timing down.
Best to stick with that shield early on.

Parrying is useful versus enemies and hostile players. Consider the backstab the beginner's course.

Backstab npc enemies that have backs. Don't expose your back to enemies.

Your first impulse will likely be to gear up and grab a massive weapon / shield. That is okay.

User Info: Ryan_SilverFox

4 years ago#45
professoroflies posted...
dont read gamefaqs until after your first play through. Experience it fresh.

This is absolutely the best advice for new players. If you read into the game, you'll spoil the experience for yourself. Once you know what you're doing in each area, the game becomes almost patheticly easy... but not knowing what's coming up? Oh man, it makes it difficult and really fun.

Once you open the final area (requires an item called the Lordvessel and 4 special souls), THEN you can look up FAQs and clean up anything you've missed before going onto the final area and final boss.

User Info: Zephranthes

4 years ago#46
Don't worry about 100% completion, dying frequently, losing any amount of souls/humanity.

Try out different weapons but don't be afraid to stick with one you really like. Don't focus too much on NUMBERS.

Only summon phantoms if you've reached an impasse. Don't be afraid to put your own sign down though. Be nice to invaders but nicer to your host (if he deserves it).

Finish the game once before you start making new characters.

User Info: TatooineOutcast

4 years ago#47
Wow! Thanks for all the tips. I'll be sure not to spoil anything for myself and just go in blind. I played most of what seems to be the tutorial and am slowly getting used to the combat.
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User Info: Titanite-Demon

4 years ago#48
Remember that if you die to skeletons or ghosts, that I will laugh at you and say, "YOU WENT THE WRONG WAY!"
Enraging Nami proves to be extremely difficult.
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User Info: Crimson681

4 years ago#49
If someone invades, don't panic. Just backstab them repeatedly.

Get good at backstabbing people and you can easily win vs 2/3 of people who play this game.

User Info: Wratts

4 years ago#50
Use both hands
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  3. If you had one piece of advice for a new player what would it be?

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