Flagged: A story of disconnecting and revenge

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User Info: DeliciousMoose

4 years ago#1
So I'm not usually one to go off on disconnectors. They have their way of playing and, assuming they dc at the start of my invasion, I'm not inconvenienced much.

A few days ago, however, I bumped into a guy on his first playthough, who we'll just call by a similar name to his real one, "AlfBigGuy." Invading Anor Londo with my elemental Meat Clever build at level 36, I killed Alf and his phantoms numerous times as he tried to get through the level. Each time, I beat down his phantoms first and he disconnected once they were dead.

After every disconnect, Alf would send gloating messages about how he plays the way he wants and the stupidity of invaders... all in broken English and with no provocation from me. I never responded, because I knew he'd just return to the bonfire and I'd get to kill him again.

But then, the fourth time I invaded him, something different happened. Alf and his phantoms had made it past the archers and were passing through the fog gate to the interior of the castle. I made it to them and attacked Alf first, knowing that if he saw his phantoms die and disconnected he'd be able to keep his ill-gotten progress. Unfortunately, his phantoms were stronger this time, and a combination of a hornet BS and Wrath killed me, all while Alf sat back and chugged Estus.

More gloating followed, including from the phantoms who supported his cheating.

Then I did something I was never tempted to do before: I googled his username. Sure enough, an identical name popped up on Youtube with the same spoken languages and even some Dark Souls walkthrough vids in his favorites. Best of all, he had over 100 uploads, all of which contained copyrighted content from musicians and had a large number of views.

Needless to say, I flagged those vids. As of today, his account has been terminated for copyright infringement.

I win. :D

User Info: RENNELS

4 years ago#2
You sound very mature for your age.
Posts in a topic do not have to be on topic if it goes with the natural flow of conversation.- Baseman (Moderator)

User Info: firedraco2

4 years ago#3
Lol nice.

As for "cheating" he wasn't really cheating...
Well when I asked this one cute girl out during lunch, I got laughed at because I was wearing this ridiculous cape called the Ebisu Rainment. -NeoseekerDarkKn

User Info: caramel_cod

4 years ago#4
I probably wouldn't go that far, but I wouldn't really blame anyone who did.
I have been known to google certain annoying PSN names out of curiosity.

A word of general advice: Do NOT use your PSN name as your OkCupid name. Some of the people I've played against in DkS are ugly and creepy dudes.


4 years ago#5
LOL that's actually pretty hilarious.
PSN: WATAUGACJ, DomhnallOfZena

User Info: AtelierCorvus

4 years ago#6
So the lesson of the day is: Make SURE you're anonymous if you plan to be a dick to someone.
I use Gamefaqs as a toilet to crap out as much hate and venom as possible so I can be happy and nice in everything else I do. sorry Gamefaqs =/

User Info: HeavensEnd

4 years ago#7
Soooo because you got dc'd (new lol) and ganked (rightly so, non duels, anything goes while vading) and got taunted via message you get the guys YT account deleted?

Oy Vey.
PSN: DyingDreams
Snitch b****** and 60+ dudes in their 'Command Centre's'... I'm still here.

User Info: corlynnclaw

4 years ago#8
Ouch! And if I remember Google's policy on Youtube, it's linked to the person's Gmail account too. That means you probably cost him his email address as well.

Sucks for him though, it counts as a lesson learned. Atelier said it all.
PSN: CorlynnClaw

User Info: KryIon_Kid

4 years ago#9
He wasn't cheating. Only burg and bf are the designated global honor duel areas. U scrub?
Dark Souls True Honor Dueler: No Fishing, No Healing, No Ganking
PSN: Wunderloss

User Info: caramel_cod

4 years ago#10
KryIon_Kid posted...
He wasn't cheating. Only burg and bf are the designated global honor duel areas. U scrub?

Did you miss the part where TC said the guy d/ced after every death?

Game says u die -> u no die = u cheat.
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