What if the next Souls, or Souls-like game...

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User Info: lucky_sharm19

4 years ago#21
Titanite-Demon posted...
Zephranthes posted...
effing weeaboos up in this topic

Hey I got one
What if the next Souls, or Souls-like game...

was a modern-day military shooter

that was cel-shaded, and had anime-like visuals and designs?

As long it isn't CoD full of "hay wats ur k/d ratio".

Totally fine.

You mean it isn't already like that now?
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User Info: crazyj10

4 years ago#22
ITT, all anime is bright and cheery.
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User Info: SolidKnight

4 years ago#23
If it was cel-shaded and looked like typical JRPG artwork I'd want them to go all out.
Game starts with your hero in his home town. His home town gets destroyed by some evil guy. The evil guy throws him in prison but forgot to strip you of all your weapons so you just kill everyone and escape. You then meet a girl who comes on to you strong. She has a high-pitched voice and drags out all her words to emulate a squeal. Your character constantly states that he abhors violence but still mows down anything that moves with his sword. You battle your way through various places. Eventually it is revealed that the evil guy who destroyed your village is attempting to rule the world with a zombie army. You fight him mid-way in the game where he reveals that his zombie army was comprised of undead humans that were once the inhabitants of the villages he conquered. Your character breaks down when he hears this revelation. After the cutscene is finished you kill a million more zombies without second thought. You battle your way some more. The female love-interest sleeps with you. You confront the villian who destroyed your village again. He reveals that he's actually from the future and that your love interest is actually your daughter. Your character is devastated. It's also revealed that the reason he time travelled to the past to wreck havoc is because in the future you caught him sleeping with his cousin and told everyone. His cousin got pregnant and in her shame, killed herself. He blames you so he teleported your future daughter back in time and set you up with her. You fight and kill him. Then aliens appear. It turns out that unknown to everyone, aliens were actually behind the plot. They gave the previous villain the ability to time travel. Their plot is to spread darkness across the universe. You kill them. The credits roll.

User Info: BurningLance

4 years ago#24
it would be interesting.

oh what if it had the graphic design as Borderlands along with the crude humor it got.

lol think of Andre the blacksmith with Mr.Torgue's attitude lol
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User Info: d3dsight

4 years ago#25
I honestly wouldn't play it. I'd be extremely disappointed.

User Info: bats17

4 years ago#26
Signed up to this headache of a site literally just to say, no, please don't ever do that to this series. The graphics make for the atmosphere. Cel shaded would completely ruin this series for me.

By the way, how the eff do you guys navigate this site? I literally gave myself a headache trying to find this topic and post.

User Info: brumey

4 years ago#27
we have the new NI NO KUNI DEMO :D
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