Why do people refer to their characters as toons?

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  3. Why do people refer to their characters as toons?

User Info: bluefunky

5 years ago#21
You are all wrong. Its because of this...

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User Info: Scorex_VII

5 years ago#22
Its a r******* term thats what. It grind my gears when i see that term. We all know gaming is a nerdy activity (No one should care about that!) but using that term is over the top, i NEVER refer them to "toon". Stupid term, sounds stupid, just say "character"... Not that hard... Or build...
Growing on you, right?
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User Info: Hero_Dunban

5 years ago#23
'Toon' is an utterly ridiculous term; I'm not ashamed to admit that, whenever I see it used, I lose a modicum of respect for the person in question.
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User Info: Mosgus

5 years ago#24
Toon, as a term, predates Chainmail.

It's still dumb though.

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User Info: AwesomeOpossum2

5 years ago#25
kaeichi posted...
I like pixelated three dimensional massively multiplayer online role playing game simulated player controlled avatar. PTDMMORPGSPCA for short

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User Info: Renegade

5 years ago#26

You touch yourself at night.
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User Info: tanarri69

5 years ago#27
IMO it's just as bad as the people who call everything a "-bro."

Yeah, that's right. I said it. This isn't Jersey Shore.
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  3. Why do people refer to their characters as toons?

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