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User Info: AlbinoCrocodile

5 years ago#1
Which starting class would you want if they each came with their own sort of benefit? - Results (64 votes)
Warrior - STR weapons swing slightly faster and require a bit less stats to wield, also a few points of weight are gone.
15.63% (10 votes)
Knight - Higher resistances to status effects and most magics, heavy armors have less weight for Knights as well.
10.94% (7 votes)
Wanderer - No non-fatal fall damage along with being able to freely use any single bonfire in the game when available.
9.38% (6 votes)
Thief - Invisible till in lock-on range and naturallly quiet footsteps. Any weapon under six pounds does more damage.
31.25% (20 votes)
Bandit - Gains more souls from kills, moreso when you have a good deal of coins. Caps off at the max for each coin type.
0% (0 votes)
Hunter - Gain a good deal of attack with bows or crossbows and any throwing items, can also fire bolts/arrows faster.
6.25% (4 votes)
Sorcerer - Better magic/enchanted scaling, gain a spell charge for every thirty seconds that go by during game time.
9.38% (6 votes)
Pyromancer - Better fire/chaos scaling, random chance to ignite enemies and cause a damage over time effect with it.
6.25% (4 votes)
Cleric - Better divine/occult scaling, any sort of healing restores more HP and provides a temporary defense boost.
0% (0 votes)
Deprived - Bare fisted attacks scale with the amount of enemies you kill along with kicks gaining more knockback effect.
10.94% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
For your interest, just noticed again that there are ten classes so I decided to toss one out on that.

Not all of them are the best and there are probably more interesting benefits to be had, but which of these particular boosts would you choose?
Miss Albino at your service.
Snap crackle pop.

User Info: AwesomeOpossum2

5 years ago#2
Having a hard time choosing. Good job on this one albino.
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User Info: psiIocyborg

5 years ago#3
Thief because real invisibility.

User Info: DarkfireAxel

5 years ago#4
thief'd be OP...hornet ring + red tearstone + that invisibility, don't want to think about it.
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User Info: Cvdf3

5 years ago#5
Deprived. Hard choosing, but it would make for some fun challenge runs.
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User Info: sooofake

5 years ago#6
thief would be too much.. but I love the idea of classes actually meaning something instead of just picking the one that wastes the least amount of points.

I guess thieves could just have better backstab damage (lol).

User Info: Drak_the_Shadow

5 years ago#7
Thief already had a starting bonus above all the other classes.
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User Info: MrSmi7h

5 years ago#8
Warrior, knight, wanderer, and thief are very cool.

I picked thief.

User Info: Sansan05

5 years ago#9
i can't choose but i like the idea ^^ with this classes i would go through the game with every classes ^^
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User Info: Chrome_Ada

5 years ago#10
What do you mean by "able to freely use any single bonfire in the game when available?"
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