Demon's Souls starting tips? (For someone who got into the series with DkS)

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User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
4 years ago#1
Hey! My question involves DkS so I figured I'd post this here. People were very helpful in the DeS board, but getting extra info couldn't hurt.

I got Demon's Souls a couple days ago, and can't wait to play. Any starting tips, considering I've played 150+ hours of Dark Souls?

What are the big differences in combat? Can I still go full melee + fast roll like I do in DkS?

Also, the good ol' which game is harder?

No big spoilers, please! Thanks for any help.
And this time!

User Info: ancapaillmor

4 years ago#2
Like dark, learn to parry and its better to dodge than to tank it.

The bow is all powerful in this game, waay more effective that dark, although a too effective.

There's 2 rolls, slow and normal.

Is it harder?, hard to say it can be and it can be easier(world tendencies). If you want to plat it, you'll need to go NG+++.

User Info: DarkfireAxel

4 years ago#3
Levels in DeS are way harder, but Bosses are easier than DkS (apart from a pair of them), even though they're more epic.

If you're going full melee, take a bow with you and spend time upgrading it, it is actually VERY helpful in DeS, and not just a way to provoke enemies.
Forget about the plunging attack and the jump-forward, they're not there.

In DeS there is an MP bar, as well as regenerations effects, which means that you COULD spam magic indefinitely, if you wanted.
Even if you're going full melee, I'd pick the Knight Templar as a starter, for his weapon and the healing spell (healing is really useful in this game, as there are no Estus Flasks... The healings are numbered, and you CAN run out of them and be in need of farming, even though it rarely happens... Anyway, they won't recharge, so you'd better keep them for the fast healing situation).

Anyway, if you've played DkS you know how to handle DeS...just be careful as DeS is a LOT less forgiving than DkS.
The combat system is pretty much the same, you have a shorter and smaller window for parries and backstabs, but other than that, it's the same.

The only other thing worth noting is the difference between carry weight and equip weight. Unlike DkS, you can carry around a limited amount of stuff, or you'll become over encumbered (there's a NPC right at the start of the game who can keep your items, so don't worry), and there are only 2 kinds of rolls, <50% (fast) and >50% (fat) so it's easier than DkS.

Good luck, have fun, it's an awesome game.
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User Info: Warchilld999

4 years ago#4
With no poise armor is pretty much just for looks. My favorite thing about DS is the adjustable difficulty. Turn all the worlds pure black if you want more of a challenge. You do that by dieing in human form like 5 times, youll know its pure black from the black phantoms that show up. You could also do pure black character tendancy by killing good npc and invading, but it just lowers your health and damage (not good for a first run).

User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
4 years ago#5
Awesome info, thanks guys. I'll definitely get that bow.
And this time!

User Info: SolidKnight

4 years ago#6
There's no poise.
Armor doesn't mean anything.
Always fast roll.
Your gaurd breaks much easier.
Levels and bosses are a lot easier except for three bosses.
Dying in body form makes the level you died in harder.
Read up on how to upgrade weapons.
You can get the status bonus of an item even if you don't have the stats to use it.
You can climb over and up some walls by running into them.

Although many people will tell you to control world tendancy offline, I find it much easier to do it online. Why? For online all you need to do is defeat one boss or kill one black phantom and you jump to pure white world tendency. From there you can do the white tendency event (which usually shows up in the first two sections of the area). Then you can stop caring and go to black if you want. The only thing you have to know is that when you quit your game and reload it, your tendencies will pull back toward the online average. Just get pure white world tendency and do the event as soon as possible.

User Info: Lamesy

4 years ago#7
SK's World Tendency advice is a little confused. You do absolutely want to go offline when you decide to control world tendency, because the only benefit he listed -- starting out 1 level below Pure White -- is persistent after you go offline. Going offline DOES NOT put your worlds back to neutral. You'll still be Pure White -1 from the old server average, so kill one boss in that world and bingo. Now you're free to do the Pure White Events in another gaming session if you choose, or start body-form suiciding towards Black World. You ::could:: save 1 suicide per world by logging back in to get the server avg. of White-1, then logging back out to suicide the rest of the way.

Not that *any* of this is beginner advice. The beginner version is "leave 1 boss per world so that you can complete World Tendency later."

User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
4 years ago#8
Yeah, I mean, I really appreciate the help, but for my first playthrough I just want to take my time and get to the end of the game. Whatever happens, I'll figure something out. I'll worry about the complex modes and Trophies some other time.

Also, I'll be playing offline simply 'cause my Internet isn't very good for online gaming.
And this time!

User Info: -Damien-

4 years ago#9
Beware of the red eyes

User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
4 years ago#10
Just wanted to say that I finally started the game and it's really good so far. Only died once in all of 1-1, but I'm sure the game will crush my spirits eventually. My death was by Red Eye Steve. Guess I underestimated his spear of OKHOness.

I'm going all melee 2-hand with fast rolls. Love how the combat mechanics and controls are almost entirely the same as DkS.

And yes, I got the Cling Ring. \o/
And this time!
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