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User Info: AsterAzul

5 years ago#21
PvP/PvE integration is crucial to Dark Souls. You can't ever remove that and continue to have the same excellent game.
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User Info: moodyjm2

5 years ago#22
PHoToS999 posted...
I can't say I agree with those ideas, Moody. They seem a little too Monster Hunter-ey. By itself it's a great game. love it to death. but it doesn't seem to mesh.

The best idea I've seen so far was an arena idea where you're able to use any weapon you've found on whatever upgrade path you've achieved with whatever sets of armor you've found at any sl you've achieved for all your characters.

It'd require a dedicated server though. This p2p crap isn't gonna cut it.

Well it's a drastic change, I won't argue, however I think a move away from hard stats might be the solution. After playing both Sacred 2 and Diablo 3, I can tell you the killer in Sacred 2 how easy it is to mess up a character with all the skill variations. Seriously, check it out if you haven't tried it.

It's similiar to Dark Souls in that you find a weapon [i.e. skill in Sacred 2] and suddently it's your favorite weapon ever...then you find a new weapon and want to try a new build while still min-maxing. They are counter-productive. The stress of worrying about messing up a build is non-existent in Diablo 3 - and that energy is focused on leveling and experimenting. Disregard the "leveling of items/sorceries" in my suggestion, as the foundation is the items.

As for Dark Souls, a shared bottomless box would be a good fix amirite? Credit to the other poster who mentioned something similiar.
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