Thoughts on the BK weapons?

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User Info: Zeru64

4 years ago#21
The moonlight knight posted...
I wish people wouldn't like, immediately dismiss even discussing what is good and bad in PvE though.

Posts like this:

For PvE use whatever you like.

It's so dismissive. It's just like, **** PvE, use whatever, now let's discussion what weapons excel in PvP rawr.

Anyway, all BK weapons do bonus damage to chaos demons, like Capra, Firesage, those sorts. The BK Halberd, also, does more poise damage than other halberds, so you'll stun enemies faster with it. Noticeably more poise damage, in fact.

The BK Greataxe is an amazing PvE weapon because of its ability to easily hit multiple enemies and functioning similarly to a greatsword with its R1s, though I'd say Great Scythe is in many ways superior to it (Great Scythe R2s one-handed are effectively similar to BKGA R1s one-handed). Still, the BKGA is pretty versatile and will never become poor in PvE.

The two swords I have less experience with. However...

This was my findings using them in Demon Ruins. BK Greatsword seems to exhibit some strange characteristics, either with its R2s, or its running attack. I was left feeling like its R2s are somewhat junky. However, the running attack being able to one hit stun them made killing them incredibly easy with it.

I'm not sure if, like the halberd, these weapons also do higher poise damage than their regular counterparts.

Wait, so the Chaos Demon damage thing is serious? I always thought that was a myth, like the Sif thing. lol

Right now I'm using the BK Halberd, and Sif was easy. Heck, with Power Within, I killed Smough in like, 4 hits at 800ish damage a swing. Pretty awesome. :>

User Info: Tmk

4 years ago#22
Yes, they have a 20% damage boost against them. @_@
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User Info: shadowsofdawn

4 years ago#23
Before this last patch, BKGA was the PvE stomper. You could smash through just about anything with that axe. Now its R1 attacks have weaker attack modifiers, but its still top notch because of its moveset. As far as using it in PvP, if the opponent has a shield you've got to play mind games. Whiff a few attacks and then rush forward like you are going to attack again, but instead walk around for the backstab while they try to parry (works so often its not even funny).

BKGS still has resonably solid stunlock and the highest R1 damage now. And the BKH has a sexy 2H R2 that charges forward like the great scythe 2H R2.
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